Things to Know Before Moving to Dubai

Dubai has changed dramatically over the last few decades, rising from a peaceful fishing village to its present position as the richest and most opulent metropolis in the United Arab Emirates. Although Dubai started off as a sleepy fishing community, it has come a long way since then.

In order to prepare for the big move, hire Best movers in Dubai to help you relocate, you will need to understand a few things before making the big shift and living the opulent lifestyle in Dubai that has been your goal for as long as you can remember. If achieving this has been your life’s ambition, you must educate yourself on these matters before taking the plunge.

If you’re thinking about doing this adventure, you’re in luck because we’ve put up a list of the “must-knows” that you should be aware of before setting out on your voyage. To find out more about this subject, keep reading.

Talk to people from several countries and cultures.

The majority of the most populous cities in the world are welcoming to visitors. Despite this, Dubai’s community for foreigners living there has expanded to a completely new level.

This significant global city will have 85% of its population made up of expatriates by the year 2020. This proportion is more than twice as large as Singapore’s expat community, which makes up just 41% of the city’s total population. It is brought to your notice because: This is excellent news for everyone who wishes to begin a new life and make acquaintances with people who come from a variety of nations.

“Thank God It’s Friday” is often overused.

If you plan to visit Dubai, you’ll need to adjust to the peculiar workweek pattern that is observed there. Get used to the idea that the weekend doesn’t start on Saturday and conclude on Sunday, but rather begins on Friday and lasts until Saturday. You will find it simpler to schedule your activities as a result.

You have a right to want to know why, so ask that question. Due to the fact that Friday is considered a holy day in Islam, those who follow this religion do not report to work on that day. It can take a few weeks for you to get used to this new weekend schedule, but eventually you will be able to do so and find a rhythm that suits you.

English is spoken everywhere.

If you are proficient in English and do not speak Arabic well, you are in luck because most people in Dubai can interact with you in that language. By doing this, you can be confident that communicating with the locals won’t be a problem. If you want to be able to explore the city without worrying that you won’t be able to communicate with others, this is something you should have.

Consequently, it shouldn’t surprise you that most residents of Dubai for an extended period of time, including yourself, will ultimately learn some Arabic terms. A hint that you need to pick up the pace and go more swiftly is, for example, if you are strolling down the street and a total stranger shouts “Yalla!” behind you.

Dubai is a safe place to live.

According to predictions, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai will be three of the ten safest places in the world to live in by the year 2020. All three of these cities are found in the United Arab Emirates. The only country in the world to have succeeded in achieving this particular objective is the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is recognised as one of the safest cities in the world to live in because to its strict legal system, which includes making convictions public, hefty prison terms, and the presence of undercover law enforcement personnel. This is because Dubai is one of the few locations where law enforcement personnel are permitted to operate covertly.

As proof, it is not unusual to discover a showy vehicle parked outside of a café or business with the keys still in the ignition or a laptop left on the table for at least an hour at a time without anyone using it. Similar to finding an expensive watch on the table without anyone around, it happens occasionally. Both of these situations show how careless people can be with their own stuff.

Use a reliable, efficient moving company.


It is in your best advantage to conduct some preliminary research well before the actual relocation if you are looking for expert movers. This can guarantee that you get the top movers for your requirements. The importance of upholding a positive reputation has long been understood by moving firms with high ratings, and they are willing to go above and beyond to do so in order to stay ahead of the competition in the United Arab Emirates.

The most famous moving companies in Dubai are aware that maintaining their position at the top of their industry depends on offering services of the greatest quality at costs that consumers can afford. They have therefore made it a top goal to raise the calibre of both of their product and service offerings.


One of the most important choices you’ll ever make in your life may be to move to Dubai. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, given that London is a highly large and costly metropolis.

On the other hand, if you put all of your work into it, it can end up being your life’s most fulfilling project to date. You need to completely prepare yourself by completing your research beforehand and getting a head start on organising your relocation long in advance of the day you actually intend to move, just like you would if you were moving to a different place.

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