Saudi Arabian and UAE Visa Services Offer Easy Approval for Indian Travellers


India is a vibrant country full of culture, beauty, and friendly people. As such, many foreigners come to India for vacation or business. For these visitors, obtaining an Indian visa is a necessary step before they can explore the country. A valid passport and visa are required for travelers from Saudi Arabia and UAE to visit India as tourists or ex-pats. Both Saudi Arabia and UAE citizens need to apply for a visa online at the Government of India’s official website. Once registered, the applicant needs to enter the required information accurately and thoroughly. Once the application is submitted and completed, a confirmation email is sent.

Enjoy Maximum convenience with Saudi Arabian and UAE visas

Applicants must upload personal information such as a passport and photograph. The passport must have at least six months of validity and the photograph must be a recent one. Additional documents, such as police clearance records, may also be requested if deemed necessary by the officials. After the documents have been uploaded and submitted, the applicant must pay an applicable visa fee. The processing time may vary depending on the current situation. However, it typically takes up to 5 working days for an Indian visa to be processed. Once the visa is approved, a notification will be sent along with an e-Visa that is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. The passport should be stamped at the port of entry when entering India.

Foreign nationals with Indian Visa from Saudi Arabia and UAE should note that all e-Visas are strictly non-extendable and non-convertible. Furthermore, any other type of visa other than an e-Visa is not valid for entry into India. Tourists must also remember to carry their valid passports, visa documents and other required documents throughout their stay in India. Obtaining a valid Indian visa is a necessary step for foreign nationals from Saudi Arabia and UAE. This is done by completing a simple registration process and uploading the required documents on the Government of India’s official website. Once the processing is complete, an email will be sent with the e-Visa that is valid for 60 days. Visitors should remember to carry all the required documents, including their passports and visa, throughout their stay in India.

How to get an Indian visa from Saudi Arabia & UAE

The process of obtaining a visa for India from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an easy and streamlined process. All that is needed is the submission of the necessary documents and paperwork. In order to apply for a visa, applicants must provide a valid passport that is valid for at least six months, a copy of a valid Saudi residency ID, a return ticket, and other documents. They must also provide a photograph and a copy of their birth certificate. 


All individual visa seekers in Saudi Arabia must apply for a visa by completing an online application form as well as submitting the supporting documents mentioned above. Once the application is submitted, the visa may be granted within the specified processing time mentioned by an Indian diplomatic mission or authorized Indian visa center in Saudi Arabia or the UAE

India: The Emerging Visa Hub for Saudis

In addition to the visa application, applicants are also required to submit their proposed itinerary and an ICWF (India Citizen and Foreigner Facilitation Center) fee. These fees may be paid online at the time of completing the application, Indian Visa from UAE or by cash at the Indian diplomatic mission or authorized Indian visa centers in both countries. 


The processing time for visas typically ranges from one to four weeks, depending on the applicant’s nationality. Prior to arriving in India, applicants must obtain a visa sticker, which will be affixed to their passports. Visa processing times may also vary depending on the number of applications submitted on a given date.


After obtaining a visa sticker, the applicant must bring the documents to their respective Indian consulate or embassy in either Saudi Arabia or the UAE for further processing. After that, the applicant is ready to travel to India. In summary, the process of obtaining an Indian visa from Saudi Arabia and the UAE is an easy one, provided that all the required documents and information are provided. Once accepted and granted, the visa will allow an individual to travel to India for their chosen purpose.


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