Things To Know About A Sperm Donor Before Opting For A Fertility Clinic In Delhi

A number of reasons often lead would-be parents to fertility clinics in different parts of the world. The primary reasons are always difficulty in conceiving and the inability to have a child after many years of planning and attempts.

Fertility clinics have become amazingly resourceful in the years of their operations where they have dealt with several pregnancy-related medical issues and offered viable solutions to patients as well.

In India too, there is a choice of a well-known fertility clinic in DelhiMumbai, Bangalore, and all other major cities if you are looking for specific solutions.


One of the main services available from a fertility clinic is IVF treatment. This is a set of complex procedures that requires individual attention and precision.

Proper medical guidance and supervision are provided to patients both before and after the IVF treatment to ensure the best results and minimal failures.

There are a few other services too that are available from fertility clinics

  • Fertility checkups and evaluation
  • Induced ovulation
  • Egg freezing
  • Surrogacy
  • Genetic testing
  • Embryo transfers

These are some of the many specialized services available for couples who are inclined to have a baby but unable to achieve success for many reasons.

Egg And Sperm Donors 

There are patients who are often faced with a specific problem of viable eggs or healthy sperm count which is often the main deterrent in their treatment. In such cases, doctors may suggest the use of a donor egg or sperm for the successful completion of the fertilization process.

Why Use Sperm Donors?

  • There are couples who are faced with the problem of low sperm counts and a lack of strength in them. For them, sperm donors can be of great help.
  • There are same-sex couples who intend to have a baby. For them availing of the facility of a sperm donor will be important.
  • When a single woman wants to have a child there will be a need for a sperm donor to complete the pregnancy process.
  • Sometimes there are lifestyle reasons and personal preferences of individuals because which they opt for a sperm donor’s services.

Things To Note About Sperm Donors 

If you are approaching the sperm donor through a fertility clinic, chances are that they have been adequately screened and evaluated before selection.

However, to keep things under control and ensure the best results there is a need for a careful understanding of the factors important in choosing a sperm donor.

  • Always check the background of the fertility clinic in such matters. Enquire if they have any complaints or lawsuits filed against them in the past with regard to issues arising from sperm donation.
  • A thorough and detailed medical checkup and background check of the sperm donor will be important. He should be checked for all kinds of STD possibilities like HIV and checked for any family history of ailments like heart problems, blood sugar, and blood pressure or even terminal illnesses like Cancer.
  • Choosing a donor who matches your own racial profile may be suitable; this is done to ensure the height, color of eyes and hair along with skin tone and complexion.
  • Anonymous and unknown donors as compared to sperm donors who have absolutely no problem if their identity is made available to the mother and child are an important factor. There is greater transparency and available information when it comes to someone who has an open identity as opposed to someone shrouded in secrecy.

There cannot be a perfect list of the things to keep in mind and rules to follow when choosing a sperm donor. There will be things that you will learn in the process and safeguards that you will have to take to protect yourself and your unborn child in the future.

There are patients who wish to have no future connection and relationship with the donor and are in favor of drawing up a legal agreement for the same.

However, there are others who are open to the idea of keeping in contact and even discussing having more than one child with the sperm donor.

These individual choices vary from person to person and do not have a set pattern.

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Trusted Sources 

There are apparently many sources where you can avail a sperm donor; however, whether or not that source is reliable is the main question.

It is always best to rely on trusted sources like your fertility clinic and your doctor or gynecologist for these matters.

Fertility clinics are usually in contact with donors and have full files about their physical and mental conditions, educational and family backgrounds, and other profiling categories.

Since the reputation of a clinic depends largely on a satisfied clientele of patients, fertility clinics and their teams handle such sensitive matters with utmost seriousness and care.

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