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Platform-App-Builder Questions and Answers

Question # 1

Cloud Kicks wants to know the total value of all won Opportunities for Accounts and display it on the record.

What type of summary should the app builder use in the roll-up summary field?




Q Max





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Question # 2

Universal Containers created a ‘New Task’ custom action on the Opportunity object. The action was added to all page layouts in the Mobile & Lightning Actions section.

Which Lightning component should the app builder add to the layout to display the action?


Related record


Related lists


Highlights panel



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Question # 3

Universal Containers (UC) tracks Account locations in Zip Code, a custom text field with a validation rule to enforce proper formatting of the US ZIP+4 code for UC’s orders.

What formula should the app builder create on Order to display only the first five digits of Zip Code from the parent Account?


BEGINS(Account.Zip_Code_r, 5)


TEXT(Account.Zip_Code_c, 5)


LEFT(Account.Zip_Code_c, 5)


LPAD(Account.Zip_Code__r, 5)

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