3 Biggest Problems With Acting And How To Fix Them

After completing your acting course from an acting school in Mumbai, you start looking for an opportunity. In the initial days, you have to struggle a lot. You are not alone. Like you, numerous actors have to face the same. Many known and established actors have said that acting is the most difficult profession of this world. This opinion has come from the challenges usually aspiring actors face. 

However, as an actor, you may be born with different strengths. So, it is crucial for you to know your acting strengths and potential. Your strengths will encourage and motivate you while going through the challenges that are common for actors. You need to know and work on the challenges and weaknesses you have if you really want to establish yourself in acting.  

Biggest problems with acting 

In the beginning, your acting journey can be different from others. Due to having a lot of struggles, some of you might start doubting yourself and think that you have chosen the wrong career option. Here are some biggest problems that most actors face in early days of acting career:

  1. Fear – In early days of your acting career, you might have self-doubts and fears. And due to this, you cannot move ahead in your acting career. You need to identify your fears and find out ways on how to overcome the one you are facing. To give the best of your acting performance, you need to stay relaxed. Being relaxed helps you have an unconscious and easy flow of emotion. So, it is essential for you to get rid of all your fears before you hit the stage or start being in front of cameras for shooting a scene.  
  2. Rejection – Being rejected for a role you strongly want to play is extremely painful for you. Constant rejections can make you have depression and demotivation. You might have severe psychological issues from constant rejections. By recalling the journey of successful and established actors, you can make yourself face rejections easily.  
  3. Credibility – Credibility is essential for you to get into the hearts of your audience. As an actor, you need to make your audience relate to you and believe in you. A successful actor has an emotional connection with his/her audience. And due to this emotional connection, you can hit the right pitch and add life to your scenes. In addition, you need to be aware of and connect with your co-actors and allied others. You need to be natural in your acting and improve your credibility.

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How to fix the challenges you are facing in your acting 

You would have come across sayings like everything is possible and you become what you think. Here it means there are solutions to each problem and ways to handle anything well. So, here are some effective steps to get rid of your acting issues/challenges:

  • Practice – Practice is essential. And constant practice can help you get better. As an actor, you need to keep practising even if you are successful or you have established yourself as an actor. Practice can help you know yourself better and get rid of the one that is not good. It refines your craft and skills. Further, it helps you become a problem solver.   
  • Be ready to face rejections and failures – Keep in mind that each profession has rejections and failures. Freshers need to be ready to accept the truth and make themselves ready to easily face whatever comes in their way. In your acting career, you need to build a practical approach to failures and rejections. And you need to quickly move ahead to get another opportunity after losing the one. You can make changes in your look, practise for the next audition, and work on the strategy that can help you land a dream role. You should develop yourself in a way to let no rejection or failure affect you.  
  • Believe in realistic acting – As mentioned above, credibility is essential for you. And to build credibility, you need to act realistically. Instead of impressing your audience, you should focus on giving effortless performance and make your acting as natural as possible for you. Whatever the role you play, it must come from the inside of you. You need to make a combination of your inner and outer skills daily observation to be real in your acting.    


Acting is tough and has some issues/problems  that every actor has to face initially. However, through constant practising and believing in yourself, you can easily face the biggest problems and establish yourself as a successful actor.

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