Maintaining Your Door Locks in Just 6 Steps

Door Lock

A door lock is a significant slice of your house that you use daily and rely on the most. Whether it is giving you some privacy in your room or protecting your entire house from intrusion, your door locks do them all. It ensures your safety. Do you ensure its proper maintenance in return?

Despite being a crucial requirement, door locks are often neglected or taken for granted. People tend to have a perception that door locks will last long even without proper care. That is not the case though. Lack of maintenance can ruin your locks and break them, leaving you open to burglary and theft. Thus, taking good care of your locks and pursuing Lock Replacement Singapore when needed is a safer choice.

How exactly do we Maintain Our Door Locks in Just 6 Steps?

The topic of door lock maintenance is often overlooked. However, this does not necessarily reduce the importance of the gesture.

  1. Regular Cleansing

You can start by simply keeping your locks clean. As time passes, a door lock gets exposed to dirt and grimes. These usually collect on and in your locks, compromising their performances. However, by establishing a regular cleaning schedule, you can prevent that from happening. Just wipe the lock with a damp rag and you are good to go. The process demands not much effort, just the commitment. In fact, complicating the process by chemical cleaners can be harmful.

  1. Lubrication is a Must

Your lock is now clean and shiny. Is that enough? The answer in ‘no’. For metal door locks, regular lubrication is a must to ensure smoothness. Teflon, and graphite are a few forms of dry lubricants that are sure to help. All you need to do is spray them in the keyhole. Then by inserting a key you can spread it evenly, all while bringing out the remaining dust. Make sure to wipe away the collected dirt before you put the key back in. With this easy step, your locks will definitely improve in efficiency.

  1. Handle with Care

 Be it living beings or inanimate objects, showing love and care often goes a long way. When it comes your locks, the way you treat them affects their longevity. Closing doors forcefully or shoving your keys in roughly, such actions can potentially harm them. Even though door locks are known to be strong and durable, aggressive handling can cause significant damage. However, with cautious usage, that won’t be a problem. Additionally, getting Lock Replacement Singapore when needed also assures longevity.

  1. Proper Key Usage

A duplicate key is bound to be different from the original key, even if it is the slightest bit. However, if you make a copy from the duplicate key itself, the difference is going to add up. Furthermore, repeating this every time you need a new copy can affect locks severely as it messes up the internal mechanisms of the gadget. Therefore, preserving the original key and using it to make copies is always preferable. Moreover, getting rid of a damaged key is helpful too. An Emergency Locksmith Singapore can help you with that.

  1. Prior Checking of Doors

Faulty doors pave the way to faulty locks. A door hung poorly from its hinges can promote your locks’ to malfunction. For example, a door that is loose at the hinges will have poor alignment. This will disturb the positioning of the lock with the strike plate and will make it harder to open or close the door. Checking if the hinges are in order thus becomes a vital consideration. If you find any fault with it, you can simply tighten the hinges or replace them.

  1. Seek Professional Help

All machines have a certain lifespan and door locks are no exception. Despite you taking the best care, a time will come when your locks just won’t work anymore. In such a situation, taking assistance from professionals becomes the only option. Call in an Emergency Lock Smith Singapore if needed.  Not only will they repair your locks with great care, but they will also help you with further maintenance. Lock Replacement Singapore can provide you all the support you need.


A simple metal lock ensures the safety of your home and a few simple maintenance hacks you execute to ensure the safety of your lock. Just by dedicating a little time and resources to your locks, you are granting yourself calm and worry-free days.

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