7 tips for one-bedroom apartment decor

Are you lacking inspiration to decorate your one-bedroom apartment and think it’s difficult to make it a functional place? Our decorators share their tips for decorating your one-bedroom apartment by optimizing it as much as possible.

A practical and pretty one-bedroom apartment deco

The layout in a one-bedroom apartment is not easy, especially when the choice of decoration makes its appearance! Indeed, it is very difficult to plan and correctly arrange a small apartment. We often think that we have to make choices and that, for example, we will not be able to benefit from an office area or a large dressing room in such a small space. But think again! You have the opportunity to work miracles and optimize every square meter of your home. Many tips and decoration ideas exist to enlarge the space visually and to arrange small spaces properly.

Discover through the decoration project of our decorators, 7 tips for a well-optimized one-bedroom apartment decoration. You are bound to find one to your liking!

Tip 1: Hiding and Delimiting Spaces

When you have a small space, the golden rule will be to delimit your room as well as possible to correctly arrange your small apartment.

A 2 in 1 space

Create spaces and conceal certain parts to set the tone of your room. This trick also clears the visual aspect and will order your living space.

The office/TV corner: This corner has been perfectly delimited thanks to this large sliding wooden module making it possible to delimit the lounge area and the office area. This 2-in-1 element initially allows you to hide the office area and the TV area, but also to bring a modern and warm touch to your home.

Little extra touch! This arrangement will allow you to create a contrast and thus not be distracted during your work at the office! Indeed, when the office space is open, the TV space is concealed behind the module!

A camouflaged radiator

This layout continues in the bedroom where the radiator is concealed behind large wooden battens!

Be careful all the same to respect a certain distance and to remove the cover for a good heating in winter.

You can also opt for the Divali radiator from our partner Atlantic. It will bring a touch of light and technology!

Tip 2: Use similar flooring in all spaces

Little known trick but which works very well, the use of the same floor in all spaces will allow you to play on an effect of grandeur in your home!

Using the same floor throughout your interior will expand the floor space and connect each room.

On this project we can see that the same floor has been kept for the entire housing, including the terrace!

Be careful though! If you want to take inspiration from this project and apply the same type of floor in your living room and on your terrace, be careful to choose a floor that is suitable for outdoor use. So, forget the wooden floor that will swell. Instead, go for imitation parquet flooring.

Tip 3: Opt for custom-made for a pretty one-bedroom apartment decor

To best fit out your home without neglecting anything, opt for made-to-measure. This optimizes every square meter!

This trick will allow you to really take into account the space of your interior and thus to adapt and arrange the whole of its surface. As we can see in this example, the entrance cabinet allows you to integrate the TV and the desk. This piece of furniture thus makes it possible to delimit spaces and adapts perfectly to the room. This piece of furniture makes it possible to create partitions and thus clearly mark the entrance. Go for collection right here!

Tip 4: Conceal unsightly elements

What to do with items that are too large? Hide them! This solution will allow you to discreetly hide any element.

You can choose to hide them behind a cupboard, a curtain or any other element.

It is true that when you have a small home it can be very complicated to fit out a laundry room. So we have to make the choice to incorporate our household appliances such as the washing machine into our living rooms. Thus, as we can see in this example, our decorator chose to install the machine in the kitchen to facilitate and optimize its use as much as possible. As a result, a closet conceals this element, which is not always very aesthetic.

Tip 5: Visually delimit the spaces for a one-bedroom apartment decor

Always with a view to delimiting spaces and to give an impression of grandeur, you can use colors to deceive the eye!

For example, in the same room you can paint the walls in different colors and make a cut in the middle of the latter using the color block.

On this project, a more marked but still soft and neutral color is used to separate the bed side from the dressing room side. This trick gives depth to the room.

To further mark the spaces, you can also use a strong color.

Tip 6: Bet on clever storage in the bathroom

Storage is essential, especially in a bathroom where the need for order is important. You must then provide your bathroom with storage space to make your daily life easier!

You can attach baskets to the wall! This economical solution, in addition to being practical, offers aesthetics in your space. The wicker of the baskets will warm up the bathroom and bring design and charm to your home.

You can also attach wall -mounted drying racks. Indeed, a classic drying rack will take up a lot of space in your home. You will also need to take it out and put it away regularly, which can be inconvenient on a daily basis.

The wall-mounted drying rack folds up against the wall and only takes seconds to unfold! It is therefore a perfect space-saving solution for your small bathroom!

Tip 7: Divert objects for the one-bedroom apartment decor

Economical and design tip, you can also divert everyday objects for decoration!

This solution is ideal for reusing items without having to throw them away or buy new ones. This will save you money and also give your interior a whole new look. Don’t hesitate to repaint or refurbish them for an even wow effect!

Indeed, you can, as in this example, have a ladder against the wall and behind the door to bring character to your bathroom. This solution makes it possible, in addition, to recall the charming decorative style atmosphere of this interior.

In the same idea, you can reuse old stools to rehabilitate them as bedside tables or shelves. You can also hang pretty rugs on the walls to bring in different materials and textures! But be careful, prefer graphic or colored rugs to dress your walls.

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