Indian passport holders can now visit most cruise ports hassle-free


A cruise ship vacation brings to mind images of sunny beaches, elegant buffets, and sightseeing at the world’s most beautiful ports. As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, India offers a variety of cruise options. Cruise ships that sail to Indian ports require passengers aboard to have an Indian visa. Without having an Indian visa, they may not disembark the vessel to explore India’s diverse culture and stunning landscapes. 

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When applying for an Indian Visa for Cruise Ship vacation, travelers should keep in mind the following guidelines. Cruise ship passengers should check with the cruise liner to ensure that their passports are valid for 6 months after the return date of the cruise, as this is a prerequisite for an Indian visa. It is also necessary to submit a completed application form and provide documentation such as a detailed passport and a recent photograph. The cruise ship line may also need a copy of the applicant’s flight ticket, hotel reservation, and printed itinerary for the cruise. 


Passengers must also obtain a visa on arrival. These visas are valid for 30 days or less and issued solely for recreation, sightseeing, and limited business responsibilities. After arriving in India, travelers will need to submit the completed visa-on-arrival application form, passport, and two passport-size photographs. For those looking to stay in India longer than the duration of a cruise ship vacation, they will need to obtain a longer-term visa. These types of visas are typically referred to as business, tourist, student, or employee visas. Foreign nationals applying for a longer-term visa must provide supporting documents such as a police clearance certificate, proof of financial capability, and a passport that has not expired. 

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In addition to these guidelines, non-Indian travelers must show proof of an onward travel ticket from India. It is also important to note that a passport, visa, and proof of onward travel must be presented upon departure from India.  Obtaining an Indian visa for a cruise ship vacation is relatively straightforward. Cruise passengers must remember to adhere to the visa requirements in order to have a hassle-free concluding experience. 


Obtaining an Indian visa from the United Kingdom can be a simple, yet the lengthy process for non-UK citizens and residents. To gain entry into India, travelers are required to have a valid Indian Visa with valid entry and exit dates. Thankfully, the Government of India has put forth measures to simplify the visa application process, allowing UK citizens with a valid UK passport to apply for their visas entirely online. 

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The first step for Apply for Indian Visa from UK is to visit the website of the official Government of India E-Visa portal ( Here, they will come across an online form that must be filled in with personal, travel, passport, and other details carefully. Additionally, the applicant will be required to upload a scanned copy of their passport along with a recent passport-sized photograph. Once these details are verified and accepted, they will be required to pay a certain amount of the fee via debit or credit card. Once this payment is made, they can officially submit the form and anticipate their Indian visa. 


The Indian government has also given the flexibility to apply for e-visas up to four months in advance of their travel. Doing so will ensure that the applicant doesn’t experience any visa-related delays or complications. Being granted an Indian visa does not automatically guarantee entry into the country. Visitors are required to present their passports and pass any identity and security checks with immigration officials. After this, they will receive an entry stamp into India with the allowed duration of their stay. 


Finally, those who have obtained a visa for India will not be allowed to stay there for longer than the visa allows. Visitors are encouraged to keep their passports valid and check their visa expiry date before traveling. In addition, travelers must remember that it’s their responsibility to apply for an Indian visa as soon as possible. By doing so, they can avoid any potential visa complications and ensure they have a hassle-free experience while visiting India.


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