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How to decorate a beach apartment for rent

A holiday accommodation should always offer a feeling of relaxation and comfort that allows you to disconnect from the stress and routine of everyday life. If you want to decorate a beach apartment and achieve this effect, you must pay attention to colors and lighting. Likewise, you must take into account the furniture and accessories that you choose in each of the rooms.

In this article we give you some tips that will help you do it with style. You can take advantage of your apartment to attract more customers who want to enjoy a few days at the beach. If, on the contrary, you want to promote another type of decoration, one that attracts attention and does so through all our senses… we leave you this article .

Tips for decorating your beach apartment

Regardless of the size of your apartment, a good decoration accompanied by a photography service is essential. It will allow you to show all your potential to clients who are interested in renting some accommodation for their holidays.

Here are some decorating tips to help you create a unique and ideal space . This will not only be pleasing and relaxing to the eye but will also be practical for your tenants.

Choose the right colors

The choice of colors according to the location of the property is one of the most important aspects that you should consider. In the case of a beach apartment to rent, it is best to choose colors that are reminiscent of the sea. In this way, the rooms will offer a relaxing sensation and continuity with the outdoor space.

Blue and cream tones are perfect for recreating this effect, as are white walls in a warm or broken hue. In any case, they will bring a lot of light and freshness. Remember that it is not a matter of using only these colors, but rather that they are the predominant ones in the space.

It will also be appropriate to use some matching touches of color : colors such as yellow and turquoise will be ideal to give the home a note of joy. On the other hand, pastel tones will help you project calm and serenity.

Your furniture must be beautiful but practical

In terms of decoration, appearance is not everything, you must also consider the requirements of a vacation rental . Those looking for this type of accommodation want to spend a few days of relaxation and fun in the company of family or friends.

Therefore, it is important that you have comfortable and multifunctional furniture . For example, it is preferable to opt for benches with storage capacity, sofa beds and folding tables. All of these are very practical and save space.

Seats should be as cool as possible . Those with a braided back facilitate ventilation and are less hot (a very important aspect to take into account when we are decorating a beach apartment), and they are also back in trend!

To give a unique touch to the furniture and have extra comfort, we recommend installing a swing or hanging chair in small spaces: since it is an excellent alternative to enjoy the relaxation offered by hammocks.

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Bet on bamboo furniture or pallets

To decorate an apartment you must use good materials . They must be resistant and harmonize with the location of the property so that they integrate perfectly with the style of the place. For the beach, we recommend bamboo furniture or pallets .

Bamboo is a resistant material that will not require much maintenance and also offers a casual and summery look that is perfect for the location of your accommodation.

On the other hand, pallet furniture made with recycled wood is resistant, eco-friendly, light and has a very bohemian touch.

Open spaces and add width

Keep in mind that the space in an apartment is usually limited. A good construction and decoration trick is to connect spaces to create a larger effect . For example, the demolition of the walls that separate the kitchen from the dining room and the living room will help you connect these spaces and visually increase their size. In addition, having fewer walls in the apartment, a greater sensation of lightness will be achieved, which is always very positive.

In the rooms you can install cabinets with full-length mirrors , which will create the illusion of more space -and deeper- by reflecting the room. Also, if you have a room with sea views, you can create a similar effect by placing the bed facing it.

Finally, another idea to make better use of the available space is to opt for transformable or multifunctional furniture.

In accessories, less is more

Although the accessories will help you personalize the home or give it a touch of color, it is important not to visually saturate the space . For this reason, we recommend a minimalist style, with small details that harmonize with the energy of the place.

You can use some marine-inspired elements scattered in different rooms, such as shells or starfish. You can also add colorful cushions or rugs with simple line designs. You can combine these with sheer curtains that will move gently with the sea breeze and have a very beautiful and relaxing effect.

Do not forget to give it a special touch

A decoration tip that could not be missing is to add a unique or unusual detail that distinguishes your apartment from others . This detail will enhance its beauty or appeal to potential tenants.

One piece of advice is to try a piece of old decoration . Since it will help you create a vintage look that customers will notice and appreciate. You can also choose to decorate with natural or artificial plants that will provide naturalness and freshness to the environment. Or, you can even use candles and aromatic soaps or prepare a basket with food as a welcome gift for your tenants.


To decorate a beach apartment for rent, you must pay attention to colors, lighting, furniture, and accessories. It is also important that you choose comfortable and multifunctional furniture that is resistant. All these details will enhance that visual aspect that you want to show in your accommodation: a place where you can rest and forget about daily tasks.

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