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What Happens During a Tantric Massage & What are the Benefits?

Many people make the mistake of sticking to the same sexual norms. Every time, sex involves some kissing, perhaps some oral contact, and then a man with a penis thrusts his violently into a woman with a vagina until the latter experiences orgasms.

Learning to break free from these scripts can lead to the discovery of brand-new spheres of enjoyment, sensations, and connecting experiences.

Investigating tantric sex, and more especially, tantric massage is one method to ignore all the restrictions.

What occurs during a tantric massage and how to perform one on your partner are described below:

What transpires throughout a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a type of bodywork or massage that is based on the principles of tantric, an age-old spiritual discipline that has its roots in Central and Southeast Asia.

Tantric massage includes stimulating and rubbing the entire body, with a concentration on delicate parts like the penis and vulva in the majority of current Western practice.

Although a tantric massage also includes components of breathwork, meditation, and awareness and is not always sexual, it is frequently simply referred to as an erotic massage.

Tantric massage includes a spiritual and energetic component as well, where the practitioner or provider aids in directing the recipient’s energy throughout the body to encourage inner healing.

This unique style of massage involves the tantric element of shakti, or energy, unlike other massage techniques.

When this universal force is expertly incorporated into a massage, it has the power to reach a person’s innermost levels and aspects and serve as a powerful tool for both spiritual and emotional healing.

The tantric massage that is provided in a massage studio or spa center will differ significantly depending on the location.

Tantric massage often entails stimulating and rubbing a person’s entire body, including their genitalia, while engaging in breathwork, meditation, and other spiritual or energy work.

The yoni massage, which concentrates on the vulva, the manhood massage, which concentrates on the penis, and rubbing the holy spot are some types of tantric massage (aka the prostate).

Tantric massage may be performed at home with a partner and is a good method to incorporate a slower, more deliberate, and more private style of sex into a couple’s sexual life.

The purpose of a tantric massage is not to induce orgasm, but it is possible. The tantric massage focuses more on leaning into pleasure, relieving tension and energy obstacles, and establishing a spiritual connection with the recipient.

Tantric massages don’t often include intercourse, however, they can be included in a couple’s tantric sexual experience.

Benefits of getting a Tantric Massage

Several advantages of tantric massage include:

Offers an unrestricted sexual experience:

Tantric massage is a distinct kind of sex that frees participants from the usual expectations of sex, such as penetration, direct genital stimulation, or orgasm. People who struggle with traditional sexual activity may find this form of massage particularly intriguing. For people with erectile dysfunction or other sex-related concerns, a low-pressure, calm sensuous experience can be provided by a tantric massage.

Greater ties between you and your partner:

Tantric massage may help you become more attuned to the sexual experience in both your partner’s and your own body, whether you’re the giver or the recipient. You may open up a deeper connection with your spouse for a more intimate encounter through breathing and gentle, thoughtful contact.

Fosters mindfulness:

Everyone juggles several everyday concerns, including employment and money. These worries and pressures may eventually find their way into the bedroom, making it challenging to engage in or enjoy sexual activity. Tantric massage helps you become less distracted and focus on your body, which enables you to explore your sexual energy and discover a sense of sexual well-being.

Manhood Massage:

The purpose of a Manhood Massage Singapore is to honor and enjoy the penis:

  • Get the person who will be using the penis to relax and lie on their back with their legs spread and knees bent. Encourage them to take deep breaths all during the encounter
  • Practice taking in their aroused energy with your inhalation and delivering them loving energy with your exhalation
  • Start by gliding your hands up their thighs, pubic bone, and perineum, then lubricate and massage the penis-related regions
  • Give the testicles a slow, gentle massage. You can gently pull them, cup them in your palms for fondling, or rub them with your fingertips
  • By changing your grip, stroke patterns, and twisting actions, massage the shaft. Alternate between using one hand and two, slow and rapid
  • Keep them from reaching a climax. Keep them on the orgasmic edge, sometimes referred to as the edging
  • Stimulate their holy place, commonly known as the prostate, if they’re at ease

Allow your partner to reach their climax with an ejaculation orgasm when they’re prepared.

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