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3 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Organised and Decluttered

When a bathroom is cluttered, it is arduous to find what you require. Organising your bathroom depending on product type, using appropriate storage bins to keep your bathroom accessories organised is the ultimate key towards hygiene. And to achieve this, people are shifting in bathroom storage accessories made of plastic that are both affordable and handy.

Using these accessories will help you search for whatever you are looking for effortlessly. You can spend some minutes daily organising and decluttering your bathroom, which will help prevent your bathroom from becoming a massive organising and decluttering project. The guide will give you a glimpse of some ways you can use to keep your bathroom organised.

Ways You Can Keep Your Bathroom Organised and Decluttered

A few ways to keep your bathroom organised and decluttered are as follows:

1. Sorting Out Your Bathroom Accessories

The first and foremost thing that you can do is sort your bathroom accessories which include products from cabinets, closets, etc. You can keep your bathroom accessories on a flat surface and see what you have. You can sort your products by type, such as hair accessories, shaving products, etc. If you find some accessories you did not use for one year, you can keep them on higher shelves.

Also, discard empty bottles and duplicates, including expired bathroom accessories. You can designate one container for every accessory type, such as hair products in one container, makeup products in another, soaps, face products, etc.

Using a transparent container is a good option because you can easily see what is inside the container. You do not need to open the container’s lid multiple times. You can group the accessories depending on their type.

2. Preparing Space for Organisation

You can clean any room when it is empty. The same goes with the bathroom! After organising and decluttering your accessories, you can clean your bathroom with a lot more ease. Hence you can clean the shower, tub, floors, etc.

It is advisable not to keep the organised containers here and there. Thus, decide the best place for each container and permanent location according to its usage. For instance, you can keep the bathroom accessories you frequently use in the closet and extra essentials elsewhere.

You can designate a shelf for every bathroom accessory type. For example, on one shelf, you can keep your hair products and soaps. Labelling the closet, cabinet, or any shelf will help you in finding the products easily. It can also help in identifying expired or unused items quickly. You can keep the extra bathroom products separately and the accessories you frequently need handy.

3. Maintaining the Space, You Created After Organising and Decluttering

Instead of making your bathroom a big decluttering project, it’s easy to spend some minutes everyday to maintain the space you created after organising your bathroom accessories. And to start this process let’s begin from the shower area. Keep the interior part of your shower free from clutters to maintain the space.

It is recommended to keep cleaning wipes handy, so that you can use them whenever needed. Furthermore, you must ensure that your bathroom accessories are kept in designated containers. Keep checking your cabinet and closet in the bathroom weekly. Removing the bathroom accessories, you no longer need or use is recommended.


It’s way easier to maintain your bathroom when you properly organise and declutter them on a regular basis. It can make you feel comfortable and functional. You must put the plastic bathroom accessories in the right place instead of placing them here and there in a hurry after using them. It is advisable not to keep items that belong to some other place in the bathroom. You can keep a plastic dustbin near or in your bathroom and ensure not to make a bathroom a huge organising project. Bathrooms are necessary but a simple part of your life. Thus, maintaining its hygiene should be an important part in everyone’s life.

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