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Ultimate Guide for the Best PVC Pipes in 2023

In India, PVC is considered to be the most used synthetic polymer and the primary application of PVC makes it highly sought after. PVC pipelines are produced using the best materials to provide better stiffness and strength. 

PVC piping is used for various purposes, especially in the commercial and residential domains. As a result, when purchasing these pipes, you must buy from the standard manufacturers that produce quality pipes and fittings. 

What are PVC Pipes?

The PVC pipes are made using polyvinyl chloride and are some of the most versatile and universal plastic piping. PVC pipings are a common substitute for metal piping. Most people prefer them for being easy to install, durable and low-cost. 

PVC pipings are made with a thermoplastic material that gets moulded into the shape of a pipe. Some of these pipes’ applications are draining, plumbing, and irrigation. Depending on the usage, there is some variation of the PVC pipings used as conduits for commercial and industrial purposes. 


Some common uses of PVC pipings include water piping, such as networks of sewer sanitation or irrigation. But for commercial and residential purposes, PVC pipings comprise drainage, plumbing, telecommunications, electricity, and the ductwork of cooling and heating systems. Some of the PVC pipings are also used underground by utility organisations for supplying drinking water. 


  • Electricity and Water Transportation

PVC pipings are widely beneficial for supplying electricity and water to various sectors. These pipes are highly resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for long-term use. Also, compared to metal and concrete, there is low friction between flowing liquids and PVC. It is made possible by the smooth surface of the pipes, making it a good option for water supply. 

  • Lightweight and Easily Movable

PVC pipings are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport over long distances. And while transporting, less fuel is consumed, making them environmentally friendly. The pipes are also easy to dismantle, install and maintain due to their lightweight nature. Over the years, these pipes have had a low break rate compared to other materials. 

  • Cost Efficiency

PVC’s high preference and mass production are due to their cost efficiency. Even compared to metal pipes, not only do these pipes provide more advantages, but they are more reasonably priced. 

  • Resistant and Durable

PVC pipings are widely preferred for commercial and residential purposes since they are durable and resistant to stress. It makes them appropriate for water piping or underground pipes. They are also suitable for long-term and effective use, making them highly sought after. 

PVC piping is also highly resistant to a chemical reaction when coming into contact with other substances. This reason also contributes to their use of drinking water supply. 


CPVC and PVC piping and fittings sound alike, but they are different piping. The CPVC pipings have some similarities with PVC, but they are different in one significant way. CPVC is a thermoplastic that is altered by a free reaction of radical chlorination, which gives rise to the chlorine in the material. PVC, Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic polymer made of PVC resin mixed with different amounts of fillers, colours, plasticisers, fasteners, and chemical additives. 

Both CPVC and PVC pipings have their uses, but when it comes to hot water supply, CPVC pipes take an edge over the latter. It is because CPVC can last through a variety of temperatures. While, PVC (plasticized) is less rigid, has a high breaking strength, is simpler to  mould, is less temperature- and chemical-resistant, and typically has a lower tensile strength. 

And also, CPVC pipes can only be used for certain aspects, whereas PVC pipings are more widely used for various purposes. But when purchasing PVC pipings and fittings, it is necessary to get them from the best PVC pipe manufacturer. Getting from one of the best manufacturers would ensure that your pipes last for ages without changing. 


PVC pipes are one of the highly demanded products at Vectus, and it is because the company is considered to be one of the best pipe manufacturers in the country. PVC pipes are highly useful, durable, and cost-efficient for any commercial or residential construction. 

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