What Are the Best Tips To Secure High Grades In An IB Extended Essay?


The Extended Essay is a significant component of your diploma as an International Baccalaureate (IB) programmer student. You must get a head start on the planning process as soon as possible because the IB extended essay is a lengthy and in-depth piece of writing comprising 4,000 words ending with a conclusion. Writing an Extended Essay might be challenging, so the following tips will help you secure high grades when writing your IB Extended Essay.

Best Tips To Secure High Grades In An IB Extended Essay

1. Choose The Right Topic

For your Extended Essay, selecting the right topic is the first main task. It needs to be something that interests your curiosity, and an in-depth investigation or research can be done from your end. Ensure that the topic is specific enough for you to conduct in-depth research on it and that it is relevant to the field you are currently studying. When writing your essay, you must ensure that the topic you choose has sufficient information sources from which you can draw relevant material.

2. Use Appropriate Sources

Using appropriate sources when conducting research and writing your essay is important. It includes publications such as books, academic journals, and reputable websites. Check that any sources you rely on are reliable and up to date. Your essay will benefit from this because it guarantees that the material it contains is correct and credible.

3. Organise Your Work

When writing an Extended Essay, proper essay organization is key. Be careful to maintain order in your notes, draughts, and research by storing it all in the same location. When you are writing, this will make it easier for you to check that you have all of the information you require on hand. Doing so will also ensure you notice all significant elements when writing your essay.

4. Create An Outline

Creating an outline for your essay is an excellent technique to guarantee that all of your ideas are addressed and that the essay is correctly organized. An outline will greatly assist you in developing a clear flow of thoughts throughout your essay. Because of this, your essay will be much simpler to read and understandable. Many online websites are available, like IB Extended Essay Writing Service Online. They can help students write their essays or provide an outline that can help you streamline your work.

5. Write A Clear Thesis Statement

When writing an Extended Essay, you must have a strong thesis statement. Your essay’s essential idea should be obvious in this statement. In addition, evidence should be provided throughout your essay’s body to support your claim. Your essay will be much easier to concentrate on and organize if it has a thesis statement that is both clear and concise.

6. Use Proper Citations

It is important to ensure that you properly cite your sources when utilizing them in your essay. It will help to ensure that credit is given to the original author of the work that you are using. Additionally, it will indicate to the reader that you have done the necessary research and that the material contained in your essay is correct and credible.

7. Proofread & Edit

Writing an Extended Essay requires thorough proofreading and editing. Be sure to check for any errors in syntax, grammar, or spelling. It will guarantee that your essay is error-free and written in a way that is easy to follow. The essay should be professionally streamlined.


Writing an IB Extended Essay can be challenging, but that does not mean it always has to be. By following these tips, you may ensure that you are well-prepared and that your essay is well-structured, accurate, and free of errors. You can also ensure that you are well-prepared for the exam by following these tips.

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