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The latest models of Samsung TVs 2022 – 2023

Some people believe that technological development will kick the concept of TV out.

But it is not true as Samsung TVs develop as well. Now everything is smart: smartphones, smartwatches, and also smart TVs.But if we go back just some 20 years we will have a whole other image of reality. Television was itself an innovation not in the far past. Many people will remember the evolution of television, we were happy about every new detail such as the tv mount pull down


Television is one of humanity’s most fascinating and entertaining inventions. However, television has changed along with technological advancements, which has had a significant impact on this innovation. Global leaders have been working tirelessly to improve television through the use of technology. Many of us recall TV as a fairly straightforward concept and a technology for delivering programming. Previously, viewers were forced to watch whatever was on, but with the introduction of the internet, people now have the freedom to select the content of their choice. 

Another benefit of the internet is that televisions have been able to transition from being simple cable-connected gadgets to smart devices. With the development of TVs, some accessories of TV were invented or were just developed, for example, the company Samsung has samsung sound tower which provides perfect sound around the house. Samsung tower speaker is another invention that is going to be used by many people and a long time. 


Nowadays, we have a lot of smart TV options. We should make a smart choice when buying one. Samsung is the leader in this industry and never runs out of ideas. Except for televisions Samsung has other technologies which are loved by everyone and are unique in their type, for example, sound bars like samsung hw a650 or samsung hw-q900a. Now, let’s see some latest models of Samsung TVs in 2022. 


Samsung 2022 models 


This year, Samsung’s focus is primarily on upgrading the software that runs their smart TVs, with mostly modest upgrades to the majority of their lineup. The notable exception is their new S95B, their first Quantum Dot OLED display (QD-OLED), which combines blue OLED panels with quantum dot color filters to provide a brighter image with more accurate colors. This year, gaming is a top priority for Samsung, as most premium models have new gaming features such as an all-new Gaming Hub, a 144Hz refresh rate, and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all four ports. They have also updated their Lifestyle TVs, such as the Frame, Serif, and Sero.


Samsung S95B OLED 


The best Samsung TV we’ve tested is the S95B OLED. It’s a new TV in Samsung’s 2022 portfolio and the company’s first OLED TV in many years, however, it differs from previous OLED TVs in that it uses innovative QD-OLED technology. It enables it to blend its ideal black levels with the vast spectrum of colors for which Samsung has become known with its QLED portfolio. It implies that the S95B offers superior overall picture quality over the Samsung QN90B QLED, with deeper blacks and a far faster reaction time.

With pull down tv mount it will be perfect in your living room. 


Samsung QN90B QLED

We found the Samsung QN90B QLED to be the greatest upper mid-range Samsung TV we’ve evaluated. It’s the top 4k TV from Samsung’s 2022 portfolio, alongside the QN95B QLED, and it has an amazing Mini LED backlight. The QN95B is virtually identical to the QN95, but with a slightly better processor and an external One Connect box, which simplifies connections by shifting inputs to a separate box. Overall, it’s a terrific television with a wide range of features, so there’s something for everyone. Its Mini LED backlight provides a remarkable dark room experience, with exceptionally deep blacks and minimal blooming around bright objects, but it falls short of the OLED panel on the Samsung S95B OLED. 

When you purchase Samsung QN90B QLED just buy mantel tv mount as well and you will enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies in the most comfortable place ever. 

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