The 8 Best Typewriter Keyboards In 2023

Keyboards have advanced dramatically over the past ten years, increasing in nearly every area to make typing more interesting and entertaining. Typewriter keyboards, designed to look and feel like vintage typewriters but with all the modern conveniences you’d expect from a high-end alternative, are a new trend that is now illuminating the keyboard industry.

The typewriter keyboard has a classic appearance with functions that won’t let you down, making it the best of both worlds for many people. Because of this, we’ll be searching the internet for only the top typewriter keyboards that will be accessible in 2021. To make sure that the typewriter keyboards we suggest are truly worth the money, we’ll compare pricing, performance, design, and overall value for money.

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The 3 Best Typewriter Keyboards 

1. DoubleW Typewriter Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

First up is the DoubleW Typewriter mechanical gaming keyboard, a wonderful combination of modern hardware and retro looks that makes for an incredibly delightful typing (and gaming) experience.

The DoubleW is a gorgeous keyboard that combines the best of both worlds from a design standpoint. This typewriter keyboard has elegant RGB, so when the lights are off at night, it truly does glow. Seven different color sidelights and more than 160 different lighting modes are available to consumers, allowing them to set the ideal ambiance for typing.

The mechanical blue switches that make up this typewriter keyboard’s core provide a satisfyingly tactile typing experience. The blue switches likewise provide sufficient resistance and a click that is noticeable but not overly loud.

As the name suggests, DoubleW also considers this to be a gaming keyboard. While it may not compare to some of the top gaming keyboards now on the market, it is unquestionably superior to membrane keyboards and cheap office alternatives. You get outstanding actuation time and responsiveness from the blue switches.

Also, this keyboard has a wonderfully made wrist rest that attaches to the bottom edge of the keyboard and relieves any pressure from your wrists.

2. TISHLED Typewriter Style Gaming Keyboard

TISHLED is a relatively well-known company in the peripheral industry and offers some of the most stylish retro products. This specific typewriter-style keyboard has all the capabilities you’d expect from an old-fashioned typewriter, plus a few intriguing extras that elevate it above the other suggestions in this list.

This typewriter keyboard makes excellent use of the colour pink and should be high on your list of considerations if you like the pink motif. The keycaps include mechanical blue switches that provide great tactile feedback and a beautiful clicky sound, and they have been carefully designed to mimic typewriter style. Users are treated to 20 lighting effects at the bottom of the keyboard. 

Even though this keyboard was designed with a typewriter in mind, it nonetheless has excellent adaptability, incorporating gaming features like mechanical switches and 104 key anti-ghosting. As rapid actuation and responsiveness are required in FPS and MMO games, this makes it ideal.

The mouse, while not the best in the world, goes well with the set and has a sensor that isn’t too far behind other gaming mice now on the market. Overall, this keyboard and mouse set exhibits amazing value for money for way under £100, not to mention outstanding design elements.

3. AULA L2058 LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Next up is the AULA L2058 (cute name) mechanical typewriter keyboard, which offers a significantly more game-like look than the first three. The AULA has Steampunk throwback typewriter keycaps, which look wonderful on this particular board, just like the previous typewriter keyboards. It has a dark colour scheme that combines beautifully with the backlights to give this keyboard a very video game-like appearance.

Users will be able to choose from 19 different blacklight modes by just pushing the appropriate buttons on the board. Moreover, 3 DIY custom profiles can be made to meet your precise RGB requirements.

With the addition of mechanical brown switches, which offer a highly tactile typing experience, AULA has taken the design of this keyboard a step further. These key switches deliver only half the aural feedback that blue equivalents do, making them significantly more forgiving than blue alternatives.

The multimedia keys that come with this keyboard are a great advantage. It is currently the only one to accomplish this, and it is unquestionably a premium feature that significantly improves the user experience.

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