Major Growth and Developmental Milestones for 2 Year Old Kids

How your child behaves, responds, plays, learns, speaks and acts says a lot about your child’s development journey. Your child’s 2-year-old milestones are clues of his growing strength, independence and understanding. 

Here’s a 2-year-old milestone checklist to keep track of your tot’s progress:

1 . Physical milestones 

Your child will experience a fair share of bumps and bruises while he tests his newfound strength and coordination. 

  • Walks: By 18 months, your toddler will be walking more confidently and likely on his own. 
  • Walks up the stairs: Although your child will still need supervision and want to hold your hand, he’ll be willing to explore all kinds of steps.
  • Pushes and pulls toys: By 18 months, your child should know how to push, pull toys, tug baskets and empty them. 
  • Undresses: Your child will be able to undress by 18 months and remove clothing by 20-22 months.
  • Runs and kicks: These motor skills will develop between 18-24 months.  
  • Climbs on furniture: Ensure your cabinets, dressers, and sharp ends of furniture are protected and safe for your child. Child-safe your home. 
  • Jumps: Your kid will be able to launch himself into the air by age 2. 
  • Uses cups and spoons: By 18 months, kids can eat with a spoon and drink from a cup. 

2 . Cognitive milestones 

Your toddler now has a developed sense of reasoning, learning, and problem-solving skills. Watch out for some intellectual advances. 

  • Points at things: By 9 months, your child will only point at things he’s interested in, but by month 18, he’ll use his body to point and show curiosity about things and body parts. 
  • Imitate behaviour: At 18 months, your child will start playing pretend games and role-playing with people around him. 
  • Follow commands: By 18 months, your child will be able to process commands and instructions. 
  • Build block towers: Your child will become a budding engineer by this age. Give your kids blocks and construction toys to test their creativity. 
  • Increased sense of memory: Your kid will remember people, places and events. He’ll be able to remember specific moments and tell you about it later. 
  • Able to sort shapes and Colors: Blue goes into the blue basket, red goes into the red basket, and your toddler is learning to associate colour names with the shades. 
  • Completes stories and rhymes: Storytelling and finishing rhymes will become an acquired skill. 

3 . Language and communication milestones

Your child will become social during this age. Look forward to all the adorable conversations full of curiosity you will have with your child. 

  • Pronounce several words: Your toddler’s vocabulary will expand beyond pronouncing one word.
  • Shakes head “no”: He’ll refuse his dinner or nod his head no to your commands. Expect some defiant behaviour. 
  • Tries to imitate words: Although he might not be able to pronounce words right, your child will at least get the sound right.  
  • Repeats words: Watch what you say
  • Identifies body parts and people by names: Your child will remember familiar names and identify body parts (eyes, nose, ear)

4 . Social and emotional milestones

Say hi to tears, tantrums and triumphs galore. Here’s what you should be expecting from your child at age 2:

  • Selective when choosing people and toys: Your toddler only wants you to help him tie his shoes; anyone else will not be able allowed to help. He’ll even start showing affection at this age. 
  • Throws temper tantrums: Expect your toddler’s first meltdown by 18 months. 
  • Defiant testing of responses: Your toddler will become curious about what you’ll do if he does something you specially told him not to do. 
  • Newfound sense of independence: Your toddler will volunteer to help and show some responsibility
  • Parallel play to associative play: Instead of playing next to his peers, he’ll start associating with them. 
  • Start playing with others: Your toddler will show interest in interacting with people. 

Every child grows and progresses at his own pace. However, you should consult a paediatrician if you notice any cognitive delays. At 2, your child will make significant physical, cognitive and language accomplishments. Your child will find it easier to accomplish his 2-year-old milestones if you are at his side to help and assist. Raising Superstars was founded with the sole purpose of helping parents understand parenting. The programmes are designed to help parents nurture their kids’ inner geniuses.

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