Linux Foundation Launches Advanced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

The Linux Foundation has introduced an intensive cloud engineer Bootcamp designed to help IT administrators advance their careers by acquiring the most in-demand cloud skills and earning certification in just six months.

The Bootcamp covers the entire Kubernetes ecosystem, including fundamental subjects like containers, Kubernetes deployments, logging, and Prometheus monitoring, as well as advanced topics like service mesh. It encompasses all the skills required to work on a project that employs Kubernetes.

The greatest advantage of this Bootcamp is that it allows you to take the Kubernetes CKA certification exam, which is valid for one year and comes with a free retake.

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How Does The Cloud Engineer Bootcamp Work?

The Bootcamp is a six-month program with self-paced courses. It is recommended to allocate 10 hours per week to complete all the courses in the Bootcamp.

While the courses are self-paced, you will have access to interactive forums and live chat with course instructors. Each course includes hands-on labs and assignments to enhance your practical knowledge.

Upon completion of the Bootcamp, you will be eligible to take the CKA exam for free, which is valid for one year and includes a free retake. You will also receive an advanced cloud engineer Bootcamp badge and a CKA certification badge.

Is Cloud Engineer Bootcamp Worth It?

This Bootcamp is highly recommended for IT administrators and individuals seeking to acquire knowledge of the latest cloud-native technologies, especially as it places more emphasis on practical aspects.

Furthermore, the price of the Bootcamp is quite reasonable considering that the individual courses cost $2300, and the highly coveted CKA certification costs $300. For an additional $300, you get access to all other courses and dedicated support from forums and live instructors.

Ultimately, how much you benefit from the Bootcamp depends on how much effort you put into utilizing the resources provided to learn the technology.

What Is the Linux Foundation?

Originally known as the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), the Linux Foundation was founded in 2000 as a non-profit organization with a global consortium aimed at expediting the use of Linux for enterprise computing.

In 2007, the foundation merged with the Free Standards Group, an industry non-profit consortium whose primary focus was to encourage the adoption of open source standards, and adopted its current name.

Currently, the Linux Foundation has over 1,000 corporate members worldwide, spanning the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA regions. Some notable members include AT&T, Cisco, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Samsung.

The foundation also relies on thousands of individual supporters whose contributions finance a range of open-source initiatives.

What Does the Linux Foundation Do?

The Linux Foundation is dedicated to fostering the development and widespread adoption of open source technology. Recently, the foundation added the LF Deep Learning Foundation to its roster of initiatives, aimed at advancing innovation in artificial intelligence and supporting related projects.

According to Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation, the foundation is thrilled to provide a deep learning foundation that will guide long-term strategy and offer support for various initiatives in the AI, machine learning, and deep learning ecosystems.

In addition to the LF Deep Learning Foundation, Kubernetes the Linux Foundation also supports a range of other projects, such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation for promoting containers, the Cloud Foundry for raising awareness and adoption of open source cloud technologies, the Automotive Grade Linux for developing an open source platform based on the Linux kernel for the automotive industry, and the Linux Standard Base, a joint effort by several Linux distributions to standardize the software system structure used with Linux operating systems.

The Linux Foundation hosts over 100 of the world’s most prominent projects, with an estimated development cost of over $16 billion, up from $5 billion in 2015,

This surge in the collective value of open source projects can be partly attributed to the Linux Foundation’s many training and certification programs, which have helped more than one million individuals improve their IT skills and gain a better understanding of open source development.


The Linux Foundation plays a vital role in the worldwide open-source community by providing assistance to independent developers of open source technologies, enabling them to thrive and achieve success.

With its extensive activities, financial and intellectual resources, and infrastructure, organizations of all sizes now recognize Linux and other open source technologies as indispensable technological resources that bring benefits to society in a variety of ways.

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