Is Eyebrow Embroidery better than Eyebrow permanent tattoo?

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a kind of semi-permanent cosmetics in which ink is applied beneath the skin. The goal of Eyebrow embroidery Singapore is to mimic individual brow hair strands to provide the appearance of fuller, more attractive eyebrows.

Microblading is a type of eyebrow tattooing, however, it differs significantly from regular permanent eyebrow tattooing in a few key respects. Let’s define the distinctions in this case.

It seems much more realistic:

When compared to tattoos, microblade give brows that look as though they were drawn on with a pencil. Your eyebrows will appear to have some depth to them. In comparison, eyebrow tattoos appear flat and drawn on.

This is because the microblading technology produces tiny, skin-penetrating strokes that resemble individual hairs and nearly match your natural hair growth pattern. Individual strokes are not used in tattoos; instead, a wide wash of color is inserted to fill out the desired brow form.

Additionally, skilled brow designers can add more density to specific areas of your brows. This is especially useful if your eyebrows are sparse or uneven, with thinner patches in some places. You cannot concentrate on enhancing particular regions with tattoos.

Because the type of color injected beneath your skin varies, so do the results.

Ink is used in the tattooing process, which over time fades to give a blue or green tinge, especially at the borders. If you’ve ever seen someone with slightly greenish brows, that person probably has a fading tattoo. Over time, tattoos may start to seem quite unattractive, as if they were done with a subpar eyebrow pencil.

Color pigments are used in microblading rather than ink. There are no strange color shifts because the pigment is made to fade into a lighter version of the initial color.

Your eyebrows will eventually fade, but they will do so far more organically. To avoid irritation and allergic reactions, every excellent eyebrow embroidery shop should also employ organic, non-toxic color pigment.

Compared to tattoos, embroidered eyebrows last 1-3 years:

While eyebrow tattoos may last at least 10 years before they start to fade into strange colors or lose their form as they get older, micro-bladed eyebrows are semi-permanent and typically last 1-3 years.

In general, eyebrow tattoos are permanent and don’t require touch-ups. While this is quite convenient, it also means that you will have to live with that form.

The ink is not buried as deeply into the skin during microblading. The pigment ultimately comes to the surface when your skin regenerates. Compared to a tattoo, it will fade considerably with time. As a result, microblading needs to be touched up often, at first every few months and then maybe once a year.

On the subsequent touch-up, you can make changes:

You may alter the form of your eyebrows to change your appearance because eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup process. Stylishly full and thick brows? Yes. Your forehead is accentuated by thin, high arches – also conceivable.

Touch-ups provide you the chance to adopt the most recent trends, in contrast to permanent eyebrow tattoos, where the form and fullness you select are permanent.

Perhaps more essential, touch-ups for microblading let you correct errors. You’re stuck with it if you got a terrible eyebrow tattoo or made a design error. If you can tolerate the brow embroidery for a time, you may always correct it during the subsequent touch-up.

Less agonizing and risk of harm:

Your face, one of the most delicate portions of your body, contains your brow skin. Because it doesn’t go as deep as a permanent eyebrow tattoo, microblading is far less intrusive.

Additionally, a hand-held instrument is used, allowing the beautician to apply extra caution.

In the case of tattooing, machines are often used to tattoo the eyebrows. The needles on tattoo machines are thicker. Due to the bigger damage to your skin, this may cause more bleeding.

The tiny amount of blood used in microblading is due to the considerably finer individual strokes of the microblade. Therefore, unlike a tattoo, the needles do not pierce your brow skin as deeply.


There are undoubtedly benefits to brow embroidery Singapore (microblading) over conventional eyebrow tattooing. But whatsoever method you go on, it’s crucial to choose the greatest microblading artist you can. Because microblading is an art form, everything is left to chance without an artist.

The finest part of microblading is that it produces results that resemble actual hair sprouting out of your face and may provide brows that are both sharply defined and realistic-looking.

Additionally, it has a longer wear time, so you won’t need to touch up your makeup every day. Apart from that, if you want to keep up with fashion, microblading enables brow design adjustments during touch-up sessions.



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