How To Draw Food

How To Draw Food. Steaks are the main course when we eat out. It tastes salty with the perfect combination of “meat” flavor and umami aroma. Plus, if the steak comes with leafy greens, you know your taste buds are ready for a flavorful experience. What better way to show off your artistic skills than drawing a delicious grilled steak? Fortunately, we have selected a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw abstract food in 9 easy and simple steps. With this guide, drawing food is easier. Each step is accompanied by understandable illustrations that serve as a visual guide as you follow the instructions.

All you need is a pencil and paper, and you’re ready to start drawing! You can observe these steps effortlessly, whether a newbie or an expert in illustration. Plus, you can add your style and improvise every step of the way. Feel free to mix and match colors to personalize your artwork and make it unique. Let your imagination run wild and express your creativity. Have fun, and use your artistic skills! You can draw many more characters like goku drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

Outline the steak in the center of your paper. Be sure to draw in the center to leave enough room for the dish and the filling we will draw in the next steps. To ensure the outline is positioned correctly in the middle, draw horizontal and vertical lines on the paper to create reference lines. Where the two lines meet is where you should trace.

Step 2:

Draw a diagonal circle shape around the steak. This will serve as the inside outline of a circular plate. Remember that a certain part of the plate should not be visible because the steak covers it. This trick will help you make your food drawing more dimensional and realistic.

Finished Drawing!

Step 3:

Draw another angled circle outside the outline we drew in the previous step. This time, however, the outline will be fully visible. This will be the outer contour of the plate. Remember that there must be a gap between the inner and outer contours. This helps make plaque more visible.

Step 4:

Inside the steak, trace the shape of the steak we drew in step one. This outlines the top of the steak and creates dimension.

Step 5:

Draw small circular shapes on the plate surrounding the steak. This describes the beans to create a garnish with the grilled steak. As you can see in this illustration, there are four small circles on the left side of the steak and four on the opposite side. You can draw exactly the number in this illustration or as many as you want.

Step 6:

And, of course, a plate of grilled steak would only be complete with delicious leafy greens like lettuce on the side. Draw the lettuce leaf on the left side of the steak, drawing continuous uneven curved lines around the edge.

Step 7:

Repeat the last step to draw another lettuce on the right flank of the steak, making a hearty plate. Remember that only the edges of the lettuce should be visible, not the entire leaf. This should make the greens look like they are under the stake. Therefore, only the edges are visible.

Step 8:

Draw two long sloping lines on the top cover of the steak. Keep the lines in the middle of the steak; they should not touch the edges.

Step 9:

Draw four more diagonal lines overlapping the previous two lines. Nevertheless, this time, the line should be drawn in the opposite direction, making a criss-cross design. When drawn correctly, the lines should look like grill marks, making the steak more delicious and freshly grilled. Here you can see that the food is almost finished! You only need a touch of different colors to complete your artwork! Finally, completing the colors of your awesome drawing is the most exciting part! This is where you can show off your artistic skills and ability to mix and match different colors.

The color of a probed steak varies from burnt brown to pinkish red, relying on how well it is boiled. You can color your design exactly as shown in the illustration or customize the colors as you wish. Either way, we’re sure your drawing is beautiful! Feel free to color your food drawing however you like and watch the steak finally come to life! And while at it, why try experimenting with different coloring materials, like watercolors and brushes?

Finished Drawing!

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