How to Draw A Comet Easily

Draw A Comet

How to Draw A Comet. Space is filled with many different amazing phenomena to see and marvel at. There are new planets, stars, and other places to discover every year, and we will never know everything that is out there in the vastness of space.

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One of the most amazing celestial objects, comets, are made up of various objects and debris that rush through space.

Most of us won’t see a comet in real life, but learning to draw a comet might be the next best thing to Draw A Comet!

How to Draw A Comet

Step 1

To begin this guide to drawing a comet, let’s start with its outline. To start, you can draw a rounded line for the front of the comet.

This doesn’t have to be perfectly round and smooth, so you should draw it freehand. After drawing, we draw the first part of the comet’s side.

The comet’s sides are drawn with a few straight, spiky lines to indicate that it’s hurtling through the air.

If you want those pointed wedges to be completely straight, you can use a tool like a ruler to help you. When you’ve completed this part, you’re ready for the second step of the tutorial to Draw A Comet!

Step 2

We will now draw the other side of the comet drawing. This part also connects to the round part at the front of the comet, and this section goes to the left side.

To draw this part, repeat what you did right. This means using straight, spiky lines extending outward from the page to make it look hurtling through the air.

That’s all there is to this part, and now you can move on to step 3 to continue drawing to Draw A Comet.

Step 3

Every comet has a tail that trails behind it as it soars through the air. We start with our manual’s third step on attracting a comet.

For now, let’s draw the tail on the right side of the comet. To do this, we’ll use more sharp-pointed lines as you drew for the comet’s sides.

However, these grow longer and slowly drift inward to make the tail look thinner.

We’ll draw more of this tail as we move on to the next step, so if you’re ready, let’s move on to Draw A Comet!

Step 4

We’ll keep it simple in this step of drawing your comet! In this part, we’ll draw a little more of the tail.

This part is at the end of the tail, as shown in the reference image. Draw more lines with sharp points on the back of the comet’s tail to complete the outline.

After drawing, we need to add a few details in the next step of the guide to Draw A Comet.

Step 5

In this fifth step of our how-to draw a comet guide, we will finalize the details and elements to prepare you for the final step of the guide.

For now, finish the comet’s tail by repeating what you did for the rest of the tail to complete the final blank.

Next, let’s add some detail to the comet’s outline. Use rounded lines near the comet’s inner front to show the object that makes up the comet.

Next, draw more jagged, spiky lines extending from this rounded section and hitting the comet’s interior.

Once you’ve added these details, you’re ready for the final step! Before proceeding, you can also add some final details.

You could draw a background to show the vast space behind the comet to Draw A Comet.

Step 6

Your drawing of the comet is almost complete! All it needs now is a few colors to top it off. Our reference image used some shades of blue throughout the comet to colorize it.

This blue color gives this comet a cool look, but it’s one of many color combinations you can choose from.

When coloring your drawing, you can use whatever colors best suit the image, so let your creativity run wild to Draw A Comet!

Your Comet Drawing is Finished!

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