How Does Chat Support Increase Conversion Rates?

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A website is an important source for lead generation, branding, and conversions for a business. However, to achieve these outcomes, engaging customers at the right time is crucial. But how can businesses achieve this? The answer is simple – by offering live chat.

Live chat leads to a significant increase in conversion rates. It offers an individualized touch that makes all the difference to potential customers who are confused about the final purchase decision. By answering their concerns in real-time through chat support services, businesses provide them with the exact information they require to complete their purchase right when they need it.

What Is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors that end up making a purchase.  For example, if a business has 50 visitors out of which only 10 make a purchase, the conversion rate will be calculated as 20%.

Several factors affect the conversion rate including website design, pricing, and quality of products and services, but the most important one is customer experience. When customers feel unsupported and rushed while browsing a website, they are less likely to purchase. This is where live support can be helpful. By responding to customer queries immediately, businesses can make them feel more confident and comfortable about their purchase leading to higher conversion rates.

How Does Live Chat Increase Conversion Rates?

Live chat support recreates the in-store experience for customers virtually. Agents engage with customers, understand their needs, and pain points, and recommend the most suitable products, services, or support. Customers, on the contrary, get in touch with the business to find immediate solutions to their queries without having to wait on long hold times.

Let us dig deeper into how live chat can boost website conversion rates.

Allowing Proactive Conversations

People visit websites for several reasons like learning more about the business, checking prices, asking questions, and much more. Through live chat, agents can send customized triggers to encourage potential customers to spend more time on the website increasing the chances of sales.

Moreover, chat support enables agents to reach out to visitors at the right time and in the right context. They can monitor browsing patterns and customize their messages accordingly.  For example, when a potential customer spends a specific amount of time on a certain landing page, it indicates he or she is interested in products on that page. Agents can send them personalized messages regarding deals on those products to encourage sales.

Offering Real-Time Communication

It is not possible to predict the time at which a customer may need assistance. Therefore, businesses can use live chat to offer around-the-clock support to customers. This way, customers do not have to wait in long queues in stores to talk to a customer representative. Immediate responses can shorten lengthy sales cycles and help agents address customer queries more effectively so they can make faster purchase decisions.

Automating Bookings

Live chat is an amazing tool for service-based businesses as well. Potential customers that hesitate to schedule appointments on calls can use live chat to talk to agents and book their services online. This online scheduling offers convenience to leads and has more chances of converting them into customers. For example, a prospect eyeing an aesthetic clinic for laser treatment may find it uncomfortable to contact the clinic via call. If the website starts an online scheduling program, through live chat, it will enable the business not to lose this potential customer. Travel agencies, tour operators, salons, and restaurants can all automate their bookings with live chat to increase their revenues.

Lowering Cart Abandonment

Losing customers at the checkout page is a nightmare for businesses. It usually means the customers were interested in the products or service but something made them change their decision. There could be several reasons like high shipping costs, no guest checkout options, complex checkout process, and so many others.

By using live chat, businesses can significantly lower cart abandonment. They can send messages to remind customers they left items in the cart so they can complete their purchases. Moreover, they can also inform customers of limited-time offers and send them countdown timers to show the number of hours remaining for the sale to end. This has a psychological impact on the buyers compelling them to take an action.

Providing Useful Information

Customers depend on live chat to get accurate and reliable answers to their queries. For example, a customer trying to buy a pair of shoes from an international store is unable to find any information regarding overseas shipping on the website. In such a case, he or she can simply contact the business through live chat and get answers to his questions immediately. This makes it easier for the potential buyer to make an informed purchase decision.

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