Flat Roof System Categories and Their Features:

A roofing service has many options to meet your residential or commercial needs. Likewise, you will get many flat roof systems available on the market, and we will provide some information to simplify your Flat Roofing in Birmingham project. Furthermore, you may study the most common flat roof types and their qualities.

Flat roofs offer financial benefits to commercial establishments and houses and depart optimal space for installing AC units and solar panels. We have just revealed a glimpse of what you could depend on. You will get a hold of more convenience and benefits, which we can cover in this blog post. However, choosing a suitable flat roof is essential according to your requirements.

Let’s Start with the Basics:

On average, a very good-quality flat roof gives durability for 9-two decades. However, the life span may vary depending on using materials, the work experience of the professionals and your regular maintenance. An incorrect roof installation tips closer to the need for a right away flat roof repair (in case you are sad with the lifespan distortion.) It will assist if you connect to a dependable roofing company to address the installation work.

Exploring the Popular Flat Roof Types:

Beginning the Exploration with BUR: Built-up roofs usually include Gravel and hot tar. Of course, they are famous for their very affordability. But what’s the primary cause of the usage of these roofing types? Fire safety! Gravel results in the hearth-retardant belongings of BUR.

Elevating the Roofing Game with TPO: Thermoplastic Polyolefin, or TPO, has several beneficial properties. The fabrication process consists of using ethyl-propylene and propylene rubbers. It’s because of these additives that you bought a flat membrane piece.

What’s an Ideal Fit for Your Roofing Project?

Although we have shared a few common flat roof types, it may be challenging to choice a suitable choice. In addition, you need to look at a couple of factors before deciding on a flat roof repair work. If you’re uncertain what to do in those instances, we have a solution: call the specialists of S. Tomic Roofing LTD!
 Flat Roofing in Birmingham

We are answerable for standing behind our work and finalising an ideal roofing solution. Our expert group walks clients through every essential step of Flat Roof Repairs in kings Norton, making delight possible. Reclaim the most incredible days of roofing durability by connecting with our professionals!

Reasons Why Foam Roofing Is the Top Go-to Roofing System:

Easy to Maintain

With spray foam roofing, you could show damages, along with cracks and holes, and quickly repair them with sealing. However, for foremost maintenance, it is fine to get expert assistance.


The spray foam roofing system’s R-price (resistance to warmth float) is extreme, about R-6 to R-7, in keeping with the inch of the roofing system. This way, it will keep 30% greater of your heating and cooling charges than the conventional roofing system.

Reduced Leakages

Spray foam roofing systems present fewer leaks than conventional ones because of nearly negligible seams and gaps. The complete roofing system is impenetrable to water, which, in the long run, can save you more money and time lost in maintenance.


The foam roofing system is durable and resistant to intense weather situations, inclusive of harsh snow, robust winds, etc. Also, any damages caused by the weather can be easily constant.


Any waste is infrequently made with a sprig foam roofing system, and it is only sometimes vital to replace the roof. Only minor maintenance and renovation are required to maintain this roof in a suitable condition.

How Spray Foam Roofing Systems Benefit Commercial Buildings:

Seals the Roof Effectively

Using a sealant that creates hairline cracks through the years will cause water to go into your building, trapping moisture and selling mildew infestations. With a spray foam roofing system, you do not need to worry about such leaks because the material will increase and top off all the corners and crannies of your roof.

Improves Insulation and Promotes Energy-Efficiency

A spray foam roofing system will increase your building’s insulating potential. It contains suspended aluminium wreckage suitable for reflecting harmful UV rays and helps keep an ideal indoor temperature. Thus, it will keep your building cooler in summertime and warmer in winter, improving your energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills.

Increases the Lifespan of the Roof

Once the foam roofing sets and dries, it will strengthen to emerge as one of the maximum resilient roofing systems that can face intense weather conditions. You can also install a foam roofing system on your existing roof to increase its lifespan.


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