Methods to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently?

Millions of people have preferred to use the Telegram app over many instant messaging apps, as it has some unique features that are difficult to find on any other platform. 

With the help of Telegram, you can add up to 2lac people to your contact and can find people near you.

It is pretty difficult to get updated on every social media platform every day, and it’s the time to cut the cord. That’s why you want to delete the Telegram app permanently. 

There may be a couple of reasons that you want to delete Telegram App, whether there is an issue with the Telegram app or you are not using it anymore. Whatever may be the reason, you want to delete your Telegram account permanently.


Are you interested to know how to delete account on telegram?

In this article, we are going to let you know about all the methods to delete a Telegram account permanently.


Before deleting the Telegram app, you should import all the data from there, so proceed with the steps to get backup data from the Telegram app.  


How to Make a Telegram Backup Files 


Deactivating Telegram permanently resulted in losing all your previous messages and data from it, so you need to save all the important files that you may require in the future. For making a telegram backup file, use it on your desktop version.


  • Open the Telegram App 
  • Now go to the “Settings” section
  • And then, “Advanced
  • Here, tap on “Export Telegram Data”
  • Now select “Messages and data” to export
  • Pick the destination folder to save the file
  • Now choose the format, in which you want to save the data
  • Finally, tap on the “Export” button


That’s how you can save the data and files from your Telegram app before removing it.


How Do You Delete a Telegram Account Using Your Desktop

Here are the steps for how you delete a telegram account


  • Open the Telegram web portal on your desktop 
  • Now enter your mobile that is connected to your Telegram Account
  • Press “Next” 
  • Here you need to enter the code received on your mobile
  • Now click on “Sign In
  • You will get the “Delete Account Option”, tap on it
  • Now tap on the “Yes, Delete My Account” red button
  • Finally, Click on “Confirm


Now, you can exit from the pop-up menu and your Telegram account have been deleted permanently.


How to Delete Telegram  Account on Android Phone


If you are using your Android phone, then follow the steps to delete the telegram app from your phone.


  • First, open the Telegram App on your phone
  • Go to “Settings” 
  • Scroll down to go to “Privacy and Security
  • In the Privacy, section scroll down to select the “If Away For” section to delete your telegram account permanently
  • Now set the time frame from 1,2,3,6,12, or whatever time frame you will set, your Telegram account will get deleted automatically after that time period.


If you have not used your Telegram app during this period, your Telegram account will get deleted automatically from your Android phone.


Why You Need to Delete Your Telegram Account


  • Telegram doesn’t offer an end-to-end encryption facility by default, you need to activate it
  • Among all the new advanced instant messaging apps, Telegram is no longer the best option for you.
  • The authenticity of Telegram is reduced in recent years as data are not safe on Telegram app.
  • Some illegal policies of telegram for catering to the pirated version of the latest movies compel you to leave the Telegram Account.


We have provided you with all the effective ways to Delete your Telegram account permanently.

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