10 Highly Recommended Standing Desks to Upgrade Your Work

You’ve been working from home for two years now, and you’re probably sick of a number of things. When you’re working, one of them might be sitting. If you haven’t done so previously, think about buying a desk that allows you to stand at a time when you might not be exercising all that much.

One essential component of a work-from-home setup may be a standing desk. It enables you to sit somewhere other than the sofa, is mobile so you can alter your surroundings, and can even inspire you to go on a walk.

We’ve compiled a list of highly regarded desks that are suitable for various settings and areas. There are options that wheel from room to room, one that can go almost anywhere, some that convert existing desks and tables into standing desks, a few full-size desks that switch from sitting to standing at the touch of a button, and even something that can be used in bed, on the sofa, at a desk or table, or even in a grassy area outside. (If you also need a new office chair, we have recommendations for those as well.)

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Best Standing Desks: Our Top Picks  

Executive Office Solutions Laptop Desk

A multipurpose wonder, this adjustable riser from Executive Office Solutions. When put on a desk or table, it serves as a standing desk, a laptop stand when you’re seated, and a portable workstation for working from a couch, bed, or even the floor. Fantastic features include a connected touchpad and USB-powered cooling fans. The entire unit weighs roughly 3.7 pounds, making it rather portable as well.

Vivo V000B Standing Desk

This stepper from Vivo is a great choice whether you’re seated or standing. If you’re seated, it places your monitor at the ideal ergonomic height. It raises itself if you decide to stand while working with the aid of adjustable hydraulics. On the upper shelf, which can support up to 37.5 pounds, you can accommodate two monitors. There is space for a keyboard and mouse on a bottom shelf. While costing almost $200, the Vivo is a reliable alternative that eliminates the need to buy a brand-new desk.

Jarvis Standing Desk with Bamboo Top

The Jarvis Standing Desk consistently receives positive feedback from experts and clients (despite its high price). It adjusts with the push of a button and boasts a roomy 60 by 30-inch work surface. There are four memory settings, so switching from sitting to standing or vice versa won’t take much time away from your tasks. The top is made of natural, smear-resistant bamboo.

SHW Electric Adjustable Computer Desk

Choose the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk if you want a variety of colour options and desktop sizes at a great price. You can effortlessly switch between sitting and standing during the working day because it can adjust in height from 28 inches to 46 inches with the push of a single button. And a basket for cable management underneath keeps cords organised.

Tangkula Standing Desk

The Tangkula Standing Desk, which doesn’t require much space but has a lot of features, is a good choice if you’re cramped for space. It is also fashionable from any angle. The desk can be set up as one smooth work surface or divided into sections so that keyboards and monitors can be set at different heights. Standing or sitting, you can use the footrest, and there is some useful storage space at the bottom.

Techni Mobili Laptop Cart With Storage

A laptop cart from Techni Mobili that can be adjusted in height doubles as a portable standing workstation. It has a laminate finish with a wood grain appearance and complements many different styles of design. You can keep books and folders on a double shelf system, and a little shelf provides a place to put your phone or a cup of coffee.

Stand Steady X-Elite Standing Desk Converter

It’s simple to suggest The Stand Steady to people who are unfamiliar with standing desks. It is easy to hold and doesn’t carry up much space. Also, it doesn’t require any assembly and adjusts effortlessly from 2.25 to 16.75 inches. The Stand Steady is compact and available in four colours.

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

The strong and well-balanced VariDesk Pro Plus 36. You can accommodate a range of equipment setups thanks to the two tiers. But, bear in mind that it weighs more than 50 pounds, so if you’re searching for something that is truly portable, pass on it. The good news is that it is already put together. The VariDesk has a spring-assisted lift and 11 different height settings.

Siducal Mobile Stand-Up Desk

With the Siducal Mobile Stand-Up Desk, there are numerous configuration possibilities. It might be a typical sitting desk with a sizable top. Alternatively, you might lift the back part of the monitor to eye level. Naturally, it also functions as a standing desk. The keyboard and mouse area can be angled 45 degrees either alone or together. Also, the Siducal Mobile is on wheels so it is simple to transfer if your office is movable, i.e. goes from room to room.

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