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Why You Should Hire a Website Development Company in Dubai

We are a real estate investment company, we have our own loyal customers and we depend on the word of mouth to sell our properties. 

The business went down overnight and we weren’t able to define the problem. Our marketing manager did her studies and found out that our competitors are relying on their online presence now and we are not available online in any way. 

We contacted Code Guru to start our digital journey. They told us that we needed a website to give prospective investors a complete overview of our properties, and give employees access to pertinent information.

They started designing our UI/UX website and showing us the sketches before they proceed to the development phase. The work with them was so professional and smooth, we didn’t have to think about anything, we just choose which option we liked more and give our points. And surprisingly, sometimes they adjust in less than 1 day. 

After 2 months, Code Guru launched our fresh new website, it was reflecting our energy, personality, and brand. The investor services listed on the website was up-to-date and the portfolio featured any sort of filtering or map, rendering it helpful for prospective investors.

Code Guru developed an SEO-friendly website that met our website goals while offering more streamlined experience for potential investors. 

Code Guru also installed a robust custom CMS, which allowed the our team to configure web graphic animations, make swift edits to their portfolio, and easily add timely content like News/Events.

May God bless your wonderful effort and your attention to the details of the work, I recommend you to my friends’ companies to deal with you because of the interest, professionalism and honesty we have seen. In the past, we did not prefer to deal with companies remotely, because of the problems of communication and financial transfers and the lack of credibility of some, but now with you, this has become easier.


All the information available from the company in dealing with us was highly transparent, and the company’s knowledge of our requirements worked to complete the quick website launching, and the result is that we have been contacted in the first month of launching, more than 10 times because of the SEO optimization and the high speed website they developed. 

If you are looking to build your own website or searching for website development in Dubai, you have to contact Code Guru and have the best experience in your life.

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