Why Should You Choose Magento eCommerce for Your Online Store?

Magento for Ecommerce business

The eCommerce industry is changing at a fast pace that’s why every eCommerce business must adopt new technologies effectively. There are various platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many others that businesses can use for building an eCommerce website.

Amongst all CMS-running websites, Magento powers around 0.6% of the site.

Magento is popular CMS website amongst merchants because of the extensive set of functionality and out-of-the-box features it offers.

Here’s a List of Reasons Why Magento Should be Your Choice:

1: Magento eCommerce is Open-Source Software.

Magento is an open-source platform and that is one of the main reasons for its popularity among all the other eCommerce website building platforms. With the Magento eCommerce, business owners get complete control over the functionality of the online store. They can add the functionality they want to their store by simply creating a custom module and installing it on the online store. It offers a smooth & flexible shopping experience for customers.

2: Magento eCommerce Has Return Material Authorization (RMA) 

With RMA, store owners can attract more and more customers to the platform. They can use the return material extension to make it easier for customers to return the product. That can help you build a strong brand identity and win customers’ trust.

3: Magento eCommerce Offers One backend With Multiple Storefronts

Handling the multiple stores is a ducting task. If you are using another platform apart from Magento, you must hire a team. But with Magento, you can get one single admin panel for handling your many online stores. With these multiple storefronts, developers can add various shopping stores to the platform, consisting of thousands of catalogues and products, to ensure an exciting shopping experience.

4: A Large Number of Extensions Options

Regardless, Magento already has several incredible features, and developers can extend it using plugins. It is also called modules for the Magento ecommerce builder. With these modules, website owners can easily customize the platform and provide a better shopping experience so customers can keep visiting the same store.

5: Magento eCommerce has Community

The Magento community is the most dedicated community of highly professional developers. It is one of the top reasons for its strong position amongst its competitors. This massive community includes committed developers, programmers, bloggers, project managers, product managers, CEOs, and other worldwide professionals that support and collaborate with the Magento Community daily.

The Magento Community, such as Magento stack exchange, helps you find answers if you have any questions regarding Magento. If you have any trouble with your Magento eCommerce website building process, you can always rely on this community. Their members will assist you by offering appropriate instructions and solutions. It is a secure, quick platform, owing to continuous upgrades that meet end-users’ demands.

6: Compatibility Between Browsers

This feature makes the e-commerce platform easily accessible through different browsers. It lowers usage restrictions and allows the site to rank high in search engines.

7: Ease of Implementation

Increasing your online store efficiency is important during this time of competitive ecommerce market landscape. Magento enables you to integrate various third-party services such as payment gateways, shipping, database applications, and order tracking, many others. ERP, Product Information Management, Accounting, and marketing automation systems are supported by Magento API1s. Merchants opt for Magento development services for Magento integration and advance their store for the customers.

8: Multilingual and Multi-Currency

Operating globally means a business must incorporate different languages ​​for different customers. There should be something for everyone, so customers don’t leave the store without buying something. This feature has given Magento a significant market share in the e-commerce world.

9: Checkout in One Step

Through Magento, merchants can easily configure their portals and optimize their shopping carts to increase conversions. A one-step checkout would result in fewer customers abandoning their carts.

10: Integrated Payment Options

Obviously, not every customer uses the same payment option, so website owners need to integrate multiple payment methods to make shopping easier for customers. Magento has integration options with gateways like eBay, PayPal, Quickbooks, etc., so customers can easily transact from anywhere in the world.

11: Magento eCommerce Offers SEO Friendly Functionality. 

Magento eCommerce is a search engine optimization-friendly platform. It helps you improve visibility on search engines by offering various features like setting meta titles, meta descriptions, adding a sitemap, generating product schemas, category page optimization, page titles, customizable H1 tags, and many more.

12: Themes for All Companies

One of the most interesting features of Magento is that businesses can easily find suitable website themes according to their industry. No matter what they sell, Magento developers could find something to suit their requirements.

13: Adaptability

In terms of functionality, you have total control over your eCommerce website’s functionality.

Highly skilled Magento developers can create a unique user-friendly frontend based for various device access at any time. Magento also allows you to customize the Magento web store’s backend to match your specific requirements. Additionally, regular Magento version upgrades keep your store updated and make it user-friendly.

Apart from this, you can also control the interfaces and processing capabilities of your eCommerce website by using Magento eCommerce development services from professionals.

14: Modular Architecture

Magento is designed around a standardized PHP framework, the Zend Framework, which allows the platform to be extensible, ensuring that it complements the requirements of every merchant.

15: Magento eCommerce As A CMS

Magento offers an aesthetically beautiful admin interface, marketing tools, and catalog management. This ecommerce website builder makes customization easy to match the business requirements. For promotions, it gives advanced control to business owners.

Merchants and developers can also utilize the CMS’s single and user-friendly admin backend interface to handle their merchandise, orders, and customer information.

16: Magento eCommerce is a Scalable Solution

Whether a business wants to sell 1,000 or 100,000 products, Magento can provide as much support as it needs. Its scalable feature shows its amazing ability to grow with the business.

17: Reporting and Analytics

You can effortlessly get default Magento reports such as:

  • Sales report – This report includes information related to invoices, tax, refunds, coupons, orders, and even the PayPal settlement report.
  • Marketing report – Through this report, you get in-depth insights about available products in the cart, abandoned carts, problems with the newsletter, and much more.
  • Customer report – This report highlights things like the current total number of orders, orders per customer, and new accounts of new customers.
  • Products report – This report has 5 components: tagged products, low-supplied products, and bestsellers.

Apart from this, various technical features like configuration, highly informative dashboards like sales dashboards, customer dashboards, and product dashboards are in-built.

18: Secure Authorization

Magento was designed as a secure platform to ensure the safety of customers and business data. The website is completely secure, so you avoid data breaches from external sources.

19: Extraordinary Assistance

All year long, Magento receives essential security, stability, and support updates. The active community and developers contribute to the platform’s improved customer experience, ensuring that Magento meets the highest eCommerce standards. This is reflected in the forum, making it easier, faster, and smoother to use as an eCommerce platform with which you are always protected.

20: Multi-Layered Navigation

Merchants can use multi-layered navigation for convenient and satisfying shopping. When customers can search for products by relevant categories and other attributes, things become easier and effortless for them.

Final Notes

After reading this list, you can see that Magento ecommerce meets all the important eCommerce requirements that can help you in building an effective online eCommerce website. When it comes to small, medium, or enterprise-level businesses, Magento attracts a lot of interest from merchants and developers.

We hope after reading this blog, you get a strong reason to use Magento eCommerce for your online store. However, if you still have doubts or want to learn more, you can contact a professional Magento development services provider.

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