Types of Cheap Funeral Packages based on Different Religious Beliefs

Like birthdays and International holidays, do funerals also follow the same procedures and rituals all over the world? Or are they different for different cultures? Our world is divided into several religions. Different cultures choose to obey a different Supreme Being or God. Likewise, funerals for different religions vary greatly.

A funeral marks the end of someone’s life. So, you can say it’s the opposite of a birthday. The positivity and happiness a birthday brings to you are completely reversed during a funeral. Nevertheless, the significance and depth of any of these events hold remain the same. Thus, Cheap Funeral Packages and services have great worth in every society.

What are the Different Types of Traditional and Non-Traditional Funeral Services?

Funerals do not count as happy, momentous occasions. Instead, they are sad and bitter. They bring with them a feeling of loss and sorrow. However, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t commemorate funerals. A deceased soul deserves its last day on this Earth to be significant.

Christian Funeral

Religious Funerals are the most spiritual ones. A Singapore Christian Funeral is one of those. However, this kind of funeral is very different from the previous two. Christian families prefer burial rather than cremation. They use wooden coffins where they place the deceased after crossing their lifeless hands against their chests.

Then they place the Holy Bible or rosary on the corpse to build a connection between the spirit and God. Christians also hold a wake after the funeral where people gather to mourn the loss.

Buddhist Funeral –

Traditional families prefer to host traditional funerals. One such example is a Buddhist funeral. These ceremonies are conducted by monks in monasteries or family homes. A funeral held by and for Buddhists often follows rituals like chanting, bowing, and offering clothes to the monks.

Moreover, they believe in reincarnation and perform certain death rites which are supposed to give the deceased soul a good next life.

Taoist Funeral –

As the name suggests, Taoist Funerals are hosted by Taoist people. Cheap Funeral Packages for Taoists include decoration of the altar with sacred lamps, candles, rice water, and tea. The objective of such funeral rites is to help the spirit repent and move on.

Taoists hold a belief that the departed soul returns home five days after its death. As a result, they perform rituals where the family prepares meals for the deceased member and leaves them overnight for the soul.

Roman Funeral –

Roman people choose to conduct processions during funerals. They do this to publicly celebrate the life and achievements of the deceased. Roman processions are followed by the actual cremation or burial. After that, they indulge in open eulogies where the family and friends say a few words to felicitate the dead. Lastly, they come together for a feast and celebrate.

Non-Religious Funeral –

Not all families choose to follow a particular religion or a particular deity. These people prefer to call themselves humanitarian rather than religious. Consequently, the funerals such families host become very different from any traditional one. Instead of mourning their loss, humanists, in funerals choose to pay tribute to the dead for the wonderful life they led. Furthermore, the rituals here can be customized according to the wishes of the deceased and their family.

Direct Cremation/Burial –

Direct Cremation, also known as simple cremation, doesn’t wait for service. This type of funeral avoids performing rituals and ceremonies on the body. Instead, they cremate the corpse soon after death. The same goes for direct burial. People who tend to be very private and exclusive of their social lives often go for direct cremation/burial.

However, they might sometimes hold a memorial service or ceremony, but only after the body is disposed of. Such funerals are fairly cheap as they discard elegant caskets and expensive venues.

Conclusion –

Funerals aren’t occasions people usually get excited about. Unlike other events, funerals keep things peaceful and quiet. They also act as a distraction from sadness and misery. Nonetheless, it’s still the last chance for the deceased soul to be a part of something. Therefore, making sure you’re passed on to loved ones and get a good farewell is your responsibility.

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