Top 7 e-Learning Mobile Apps For Students

Appic Softwares released its list of the top five e-learning mobile apps with essential features on February 1, 2022. We are unable to deny the fact that the proliferation of pandemics such as COVID-19 has prompted a great number of educational institutions, including universities, colleges, schools, and other types of schools, to adopt online Elearning mobile apps platforms. In addition, you can give your students a productive experience of learning online or in a digital environment by using Elearning App solutions. Learners can realize significant benefits from using mobile app learning because it contributes to the improvement of their academic progress. Additionally, it has allowed teachers, students, and parents to remain connected from any location in the world, which has allowed them to circumvent the limitations of time and space.

With the development of online learning mobile apps, it is safe to say that the landscape of online education has undergone a sea change of unprecedented proportions. Continue reading this article to gain an understanding of the significance of e-learning mobile apps and the best 12 mobile apps for e-learning.

The size of the eLearning mobile app market was greater than USD 250 billion in 2020, and it is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 21% between 2021 and 2027. The introduction of a number of new, cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, and cloud-based learning management systems, will be a primary factor in the expansion of the market.
The Best Five E-Learning Mobile Applications

1. Google Classroom

The Google Classroom application is used to organize the students’ day-to-day activities in a way that is seamless and does not experience any interruptions. It is a highly effective and user-friendly application that can be used on both the web and mobile devices. This app’s standout quality is its capacity to facilitate participation in online courses, the distribution of course materials and assignments, the monitoring of student development, and the provision of feedback from any location at any time, among other things. This service is offered at no cost to academic institutions, charitable organizations, and any individual who possesses a Google Account. Google Classroom is an online platform that helps learners and teachers connect through a digital workflow that not only helps save time and cut down on paper usage, but also makes it simpler to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and maintain order.

Functions and capabilities of Google Classroom

  • It makes communication much simpler and enables classroom teachers to immediately begin class discussions and send announcements to their students.
  • In addition, students have the ability to share resources with one another and respond to questions or comments posted on the stream.
  • There are no advertisements displayed in Google Classroom, and Google will never use your content or student data for advertising purposes. This makes the platform safer for educational use.

2. Amar Bangla App

In addition to being referred to as the Amar Bangla app, Bangla Word For Windows 7 32 Bit is a very intelligent word processing application that allows users to write Bengali documents utilizing Amar Bangla fonts. The fact that the Bengali language can be written down is common knowledge. When it comes to constants and vowels, the only way to accomplish this is by matching the Bengali characters on the QWERTY keyboard, and this is true regardless of the Bengali font. In the event that certain symbols, such as connection symbols, are not specified manually, the system will automatically insert those symbols. Bangla Mouse Basic Pack enables you to make voice calls from English to Bengali and to type in Bengali using the traditional layout of the keyboard.

The following are additional features:

  • Encourage the input of languages and local perspectives.
  • Switching between configurable modes (using one key or a combination of keys).
  • Automatic keyboard mode and tracking of the input language
  • Examine the appearance of the buttons whenever and wherever you like.
  • Support for keyboard macros.
  • Fully modifiable in every way

2. Seesaw

The Seesaw app has also been recognized as one of the best and most popular educational apps available. This application offers a wealth of resources that can be utilized in the creation of a productive online learning environment. Through the use of digital classrooms, the application enables you to present to the parents of students their students’ strengths, areas for improvement, learning progress, and other relevant information. The Seesaw app allows you to carry on with your schoolwork regardless of where you are. The adage “A good education can be obtained anywhere” is proven true by the educational mobile app being discussed here. This e-learning app is very intuitive, making it simple for both instructors and students to use. Seesaw is here to support effective learning experiences for students participating in hybrid, online, and other types of courses wherever they sign in.

Characteristics of a Seesaw

  • Students now have access to new ways to demonstrate what they’ve learned without having to use a plethora of different apps thanks to more robust creative tools such as Multi-Page.
  • Improve both the effectiveness and the robustness of the preparation. Use the Seesaw app to plan out activities, and save an unlimited number of activities in as many as 100 collections.
  • It is much simpler and easier to form bonds within the family. Simply registering once allows families to stay connected with one another across multiple classes and grade levels.

3. Duolingo

You can download the Duolingo app on your mobile device if you want to learn multiple languages using the education app that has received the most downloads worldwide. The educational mobile app Duolingo is both entertaining and free, and it allows users to learn more than 40 different languages through short, digestible lessons. This app can be used to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by providing you with opportunities to practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

The characteristics of Duolingo

  • The app for Duolingo has a straightforward layout, making it not only easy to operate but also simple to navigate.
  • Duolingo has one of the most streamlined and user-friendly interfaces of any language-learning app currently available. It is also one of the most intuitive.
  • In addition to this, Duolingo is widely recognized as the most well-known online e-learning platform in the entire world. Duolingo is head and shoulders above its rivals in terms of the quantity, range, and ease of access to the content of its courses.
  • Learners are able to track their progress by working toward their language learning goals and achieving fun rewards and accomplishments when practicing on a daily basis.

4. The Photomath

Photomath is one of the most well-known and highly regarded e-learning applications as well as an online educational mobile app. This e-learning mobile app features an expert team of mathematicians who research and develop solutions for math problems using the e-learning app. They do this by investigating effective methods of teaching math. Students will have a much easier time grasping the concept of questions and answers with the assistance of this Photomath app. Through the use of this educational mobile app, you can learn mathematics, check your math homework, and get ready to study for upcoming examinations using the app that is currently the most popular worldwide for teaching mathematics.

The characteristics of Photomath

  • Identifies written handwriting
  • This application offers a solution, complete with diagrammatic representations of the answers and step-by-step instructions for its implementation.
  • Extremely safe and straightforward to use, thanks to the uncomplicated design of the user interface.
  • This application ensures a satisfactory level of performance. And a significant number of users have confirmed that the app provided an accurate solution to the math problem for them.
  • An app that doesn’t take up much space and is compatible with multiple platforms. This application can be downloaded on mobile devices running either Android or iOS.
  • This application is very lightweight and is compatible with multiple platforms. This app, for example, is offered for download on the iOS as well as Android platforms.

5. Quizlet

You can immediately establish a highly interactive virtual classroom by utilizing the free study sets, study modes, and in-class games that are available within the Quizlet app. This robust eLearning mobile app provides a variety of study approaches, each of which contributes to the efficiency of online education. In addition, you can improve the learning experiences of the students by incorporating gaming activities, study reminders, checkpoints for learning progress, and other similar activities.

The characteristics of Quizlet

  • When you make study sets for your students, you get to decide how they will learn best based on the instructional approach that you select.
  • Some study modes, such as Flashcards, include features that help students with ELL and IEP learn and remember information. These features include text-to-speech audio cues.
  • You may also choose to include certain elements such as pictures and diagrams in accordance with the requirements for better
  • As you are all aware, during these covid pandemics, every educational institute has been shut down, and all activities related to education are being regulated digitally; this is the reason why there are six.

Application for Bhashyam School

Since you are all aware that during this covid pandemic every educational institute is closed and every education-related activity is regulated digitally, Bhashyam School App has decided to launch this app for the purpose of providing its parents with information. The Bhashyam Educational Institutions have put a lot of work into developing and creating this app from the ground up so that parents and teachers can have one-on-one conversations about their children’s education.

Functions of the Bhashyam School Application

  • This app assists parent by providing them with the most recent information as well as an overall performance report of their child.
  • In addition to that, it offers a report that is based on academics and extracurricular activities.
    This app will provide you with daily up-to-date information regarding the accomplishments and development of your children.
  • Using this application, you were able to communicate with teachers regarding daily information in the event that parents were unable to attend the PTM.


The field of education has come a long way in recent years thanks to advancements in online learning. Students now have increased access to more educational content from anywhere and at any time thanks to virtual classrooms facilitated by advanced learning mobile apps. However, in this article, we will discuss the top five interactive learning mobile apps, and we will also explain some of the features that these apps have. This information will assist you in selecting the app that will help you improve your own learning the most.

As a result, in today’s highly competitive market, there are a great number of e-learning companies that assert they develop quality applications. Contacting an experienced education app development company that is capable of creating an eLearning mobile app is necessary in order to make an app that is both useful and complete in its feature set. You can do that by getting in touch with Appic Software.

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