Tips to buy wristband from wholesale site

Wristband sports are a type of games that are played with a wristband. The game starts with two players, each holding their wrists in their hands, and then the two players try to step on one another’s wristbands during play. Some games use accelerometers along with bluetooth technology (to work without cell service) in order to track player movement and the game.


sports came into fashion at the same time as augmented reality games became very popular, because they are able to use non-networked technology and work so similarly by using smartwatches/phones nowadays. Wristband sports have been called “augmented sports” as this is a new way for people outside of fitness circles to experience fitness activities within a casual setting.

Tips to buy wristband from wholesale site

  1. Pay attention to the size

The elasticity of the rubber wristbands is very good, but if you plan to wear it too tight or too loose, it will be very uncomfortable. In order to better fit, you can pay attention to the section of “girth” when choosing a bracelet. The size of the wristband is around 45-60mm.

  1. Color and texture

Wristband sports are very colorful and ordinary people can choose them according to their own preferences in order to match clothes, etc. If you want to buy a certain type of bracelet, you also need to select it according to your preferences.

  1. Material and quality

The elasticity of rubber wristbands is very good, but if you choose the low-quality materials, there is a chance that it will be damaged when playing sports games or washing clothes. At this time, we recommend that the rubber bracelets of the same standard are used.

  1. Price

The price of the wristband depends on the material used. The rubber wristbands made of silicone and rubber are more expensive, but they are also higher in quality. If you want to go to a sports game, you can choose one at a moderate price.

  1. Seasonality

With the changing of seasons, the price of rubber bracelets also changes. In winter, prices are relatively high, but in summer it is relatively low. The best time is spring and autumn. So you can choose one according to your preferences, and then pay attention to the season.

  1. Customer service

The customer service standard is different according to the company, so it is best to choose a company with a good reputation in order to buy your favorite sports bracelet. The company should have a large number of customers, and the sales volume must be enough, so that you can get the wristband at the lowest possible price. After buying a product, you can use the QQ group to contact the customer service department for any problems.

  1. Transportation

It is best to choose a company that offers door-to-door transportation. This is because you will not have to pay for unnecessary costs during transportation or waiting time. Buy wristbands from wholesale site through products with good quality and reasonable prices, as well as fast delivery, this way you do not have to worry about return and exchange of such things.z

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