How to Install Wallpapers by Yourself?


Do you plan to decorate your rooms by yourself? It’s an excellent idea to decorate rooms by yourself. But What? Do you think the edges of the install wallpapers will be Syncing? Will it look like a mess? Ok. Here are some tips from a professional Wallpaper installer in Singapore who can help you do it like a pro.

How to Choose Perfect Wallpaper

You can select your desirable Wallpaper from any shop in Singapore city. Commercially Wallpapers are published without any selvage edge. But, sometime Customized Wallpaper sometimes has a long Selvedge edge. This edge gives you trouble when you try to fix it up with another edge. So when signing your contract with any wallpaper shop in Singapore, you should mention this point: avoid Selvedge edge.

Next, Collect the Things to Accomplish Your Job

  1. Measuring tape.
  2. Paper smoother
  3. Seam roller
  4. Razor blades
  5. Bucket
  6. Grout sponge
  7. Paint Roller
  8. Wallpaper adhesive

You can collect all the items from any wallpaper shop in Singapore.

How to Install Wallpapers by Yourself

When you get delivery of your wallpapers and collect all the things you need to accomplish the job, come to the mission floor. Have to Fix a Layout for Your Project:

Like every wallpaper installer in Singapore, you must lay out your room. It will help you to keep your patterns well-matched and look straight. Because the top of the door is a less prominent place in a room. Visitors usually notice the wall behind the door.

Paint the Wall:

Paint the Wall first with Wallpaper Adhesive. Sometimes stickers like wallpaper are provided by the shops, but it is better to avoid that idea. As you know, those adhesives are very cheap in quality and less durable. Thus, it would be best if you painted the wall with adhesive. This is a good one. Just roll up and down with your paint roller but confirm that all the places are getting Adhesive properly.

Cut the Wallpaper:

The professional wallpaper installer in Singapore suggests that you should cut a strip of your Wallpaper 6 inches longer than your wall. It will help you to give a finish like a professional because Rooms are not always straight, you know! Thus these tricks will help you to cover the wall adequately. Put Your First Wallpaper on the Wall: Keep the following steps in your mind put wallpaper on the wall with some steps:-

  • Overlap the first sheet 1/8 in. At corner. Put up some sheets on the adjacent wall, overlapping the Corner.
  • We are now taping the paper with paper smoother until it hits the corner. Follow the top and bottom to make it straight.

Lines Up Perfectly

Your next concern is to line up side edges. Here are also the exact steps you followed previously. Look at the top and bottom and the middle point also. Your paper will be rightly matched.

Ignore the Windows and Corners at First

First, lay down the paper on the wall ignoring windows and other blank spaces. And then, roll it down to remove air bubbles with seam rollers. This is the way how to work like a pro. The extra pieces will be cut down when we accomplish the pasting process.

Cut Down the Excess Sheet

Once the sheet is aligned with all the sides, you can cut it using the edge of your paper more smoothly; this is the finished work. Pressing the wallpapers until it hits the corners with your smoother and then cut the excess portions.


So why are you waiting for? Visit any wallpaper shop in Singapore, grab your favorite wallpaper, and Do it yourself!! What next? Chill in your room.

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