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How to be a better UI/UX designer

Professionalism, dedication, and punctuality: These words sum up Code Guru team! I cannot express my gratitude for their amazing work! Let me tell you the story. I was searching for a UI/UX designer in Dubai and Code Guru has been the best designers I’ve ever worked with. They redesigned our website and worked on a variety of projects, from mobile app to advertising designs. They are also an absolute pleasure to work with — creative, intelligent, and incredibly productive.

Productivity is up, errors are down! We have zero experience in the digital field especially when it comes to UI/UX designs, but Code Guru made our life easier and explained every single detail without hesitation and a very smooth way in order to stay up to date with all the project duties. 

As the world goes digital, the challenge for us was how best to differentiate by bringing our unique approach online without compromising its quality.

We have approached Code Guru for its ability to create unique UI/UX designs as we heard from many references. Code Guru helped us bring our vision to life, ensuring strong results through user testing and helped build a roadmap for future installations. Code Guru Team’s creative approach to design and knowledge of how users truly use the web has helped set us apart from the competition.

Our website is soo pretty yet very functional! We are hearing so many positive feedback from our customers regarding their journey on our website, from the responsiveness, navigation, browsing, filters, to high quality images and videos. 

After delivering the project, they continued to support us, so we no longer have to wonder whether we’ve asked for something to be done or whether it has in fact been done. Code Guru have been improving our customer satisfaction and increasing our profits, so also improving our CEO satisfaction too!  LOL! 

Thank you team for your hard work on making our UI/UX friendly website come to life in this short period without any hassle or headache, thank you for your continuous follow up and for considering our business as if it was your own baby! Much Love for you guys and hopefully, to many more successful stories with you! After this looong feedback, let’s make it very clear and short: CODE GURU ARE THE BEST! Don’t you ever think of working with someone else, you will regret it, trust us!

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