How can You Handle an Auto Glass Repair in Bixby a Rock Causes Damage?

When you are driving down the highway, and you hear a loud popping noise from your windshield, you will know that something has just hit the glass. Once you stop the car and inspect the areas, your windshield will show some signs that will indicate rock chip auto glass repair in Bixby. You also need to understand that the rock hasn’t penetrated the glass completely.  Sometimes when the rock hits the glass, it punctures the first layer, and the air gets trapped between the two layers. So, the service provider takes out the air from the glass and fixes the cracks. 

Steps followed by a professional auto glass rock chip repair in Bixby

Let us take a look at what the repair guy does when the crack is caused by a rock-

  • Determines the severity of the crack- When you hand over your car to a professional, he will first inspect the glass and notice the way the crack was formed. The crack can be a straight line, a star-shaped crack, or a combination of the two. Another thing he will notice is the depth at which the chip has penetrated. If the crack is too deep, he might suggest replacing the glass with a new one. The next thing he will notice is the length of the crack. Normally, if the chip is not deeper than ½ of an inch, or if the crack is not wider than 3 inches, the technician can easily perform a simple repair technique and fix your auto glass. 
  • Treats the air trapped inside the crack- The professional first tries to create an access point to that trapped air to make sure that everything is done safely and efficiently. Sometimes he picks the areas and removes only the remaining broken glass from the crack. In other cases, if the crack becomes older, he will use a drill to create complete access to the area. He then removes dirt, grime, and some other unwanted contaminants. No professional will puncture the entire inner layer of the glass during this procedure. 
  • Filling in the crack- Once the professional gets everything ready for the windshield rock chip repair, he places a tool over the impacted area. This tool is filled with resin that is used to hold the broken glass together. To aid this process, the professional put a mirror inside the car so that he can have a clear view of what he is doing. Once the resin makes its way inside the glass, the tool is removed, and a finishing touch of resin is added to the top of the crack. Once everything dries, excess resin is removed. 

Now, the glass looks just like the previous one, and your safety is also guaranteed. 

Why should you go for repair at all?

When you see a small crack on your windshield, you will be tempted to leave it as it is. This is because the crack is either not bothering you or you don’t have the time to get it replaced. This can be a dangerous decision for you because even a small crack has the power to turn into a bigger one. This process is called ‘spider-webbing’. This means that the crack naturally expands to a point where it reaches the corner of the auto glass and hence, negatively affects the structural integrity.

At this point, even a simple auto glass repair won’t work. You will have to get the auto glass replaced with a new one. So, as a wise car owner, you should get the glass repaired just when you come across a small crack on the surface of the glass. 

To Sum Up

Whenever your windshield gets chipped or cracked, the first question that will come to your mind is if you should go for a windshield repair or replacement. The best answer for this can only be given by a professional auto glass repair in Bixby. You can even get in touch with the auto glass company of your choice and understand the difference between windshield repair and replacement. The technician will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and come up with a viable solution.

The good thing about the windshield is that no matter what is the cause of the damage, the glass can be fixed. Any good auto glass company follows the policy of repair first. This means that the technician won’t suggest the replacement of the entire windshield if that is not the only option left. This is because windshield repair is a relatively quick process and is an affordable alternative too. Also, when the glass is repaired, the original glass stays intact, and the resale value of the vehicle is also not affected. So, before you make the final decision, always weigh the pros and cons of windshield repair and replacement.

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