Amazing Charts Vs CureMD Software Review In 2022

When deciding between Amazing Charts and CureMD, it is important to keep a few key points in mind. Both solutions offer comprehensive reporting tools and vaccine management systems. However, CureMD has more robust mobile capabilities and is easier to use than Amazing Charts. In addition, it offers limited customer support.

CureMD offers a robust mobile app

CureMD provides a robust mobile app that makes it easy for physicians to stay connected with patients. The app features an appointment scheduling feature where patients can book appointments and receive appointment confirmations, as well as secure storage for important patient data. It also allows administrators to control security settings and daily back-ups of data. This software is ideal for smaller or midsize practices, as well as for mobile healthcare practitioners.

CureMD is a certified cloud-based EHR that offers comprehensive billing and practice management functionality. Its comprehensive suite of features enables doctors and other health care professionals to maximize their efficiency and profitability. It has an easy-to-use user interface and is customizable for different healthcare settings, including hospitals and outpatient clinics. It offers many clinical features, such as an electronic prescription feature that connects with thousands of pharmacies. It also offers advanced lab interfacing technology and a robust mobile app that allows physicians to manage patient records from anywhere.

CureMD offers three implementation options: On Demand, On Premise, and Enterprise. Both On-premise and cloud-based deployments require minimal upfront investment and minimal training. Enterprise implementations provide a full suite of services, including dedicated support and custom content.

Amazing Charts offers a comprehensive reporting tool

Amazing Charts is an electronic health record (EHR) solution provider for independent medical practices. Its features include scheduling, e-prescribing, interoffice messaging, charting, and more. The company offers solutions for multiple specialties. In 2017, it was acquired by Harris Healthcare, a medical software company. Its product portfolio includes CureMD, MEDfx, Harris Caretracker, Clinix, Pulse, and digit chart.

The company’s e-Prescribing feature keeps track of previously prescribed medications and makes it easy to access the information for each patient. In addition, it allows users to create a list of their favorite pharmacies and search for them by name, zip code, or phone number. This allows for a more efficient and fast prescription process.

CureMD offers many benefits to physicians and practices. The product’s cloud-based system mirrors existing workflows and offers powerful automation, collaboration tools, enterprise scheduling, and intelligent billing. Its support is top-notch and boasts one of the fastest issue-resolution times in the industry. Furthermore, CureMD is highly customizable, with the ability to add customized features and services to suit individual practices.

It offers limited customer support

Amazing Charts is a clinical software that facilitates and automates the scheduling and booking of patient visits. The software allows users to input patient data into a schedule window, and the physician can then choose a time slot that is suitable for both the patient and the physician. The software also allows the physician to modify the duration of each visit, and to move, edit, and verify appointments.

The software is inexpensive, and it is designed to make the tasks of running an independent practice as simple as possible. It allows doctors to enter patient data quickly and accurately, including charts, schedules, prescriptions, diagnoses, and clinical decision support rules. Users can also access the software from anywhere through the web. Amazing Charts’ drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to move data around and organize patient data. As a result, it is a popular choice for doctors and other healthcare providers.

Although Amazing Charts offers limited customer support, the software is compatible with all operating systems and has a developer support portal. In addition, the software can be installed on several computers and is affordable for small offices.


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