All About The Process of Talent Sourcing

Talent sourcing is done through various methods, like online research, referrals, etc. Recruiters can identify individuals who would be a good fit for their organization. Getting the right people can be quite a hassle. A regular flow of skilled people ensures that organizations can get the right people whenever there is an open position. Talent sourcing is the beginning of the recruitment process. Organizations can develop a diverse pool of qualified candidates. With a pool of talented people, organizations don’t have to bother searching for the right people and have the option to fill roles as and when required.

Process of Talent Sourcing

Talent sourcing involves researching talent, interacting and networking with it, and finally converting it into an interviewee. The process of talent sourcing is as follows:

  • Creation of the role – The first step in talent sourcing is the creation of a position. This is done in coordination with the department heads and hiring managers. They create a detailed job description outlining what is required for the role.
  • Searching for candidates: Searching on various social media sites, job portals, etc. The search should happen throughout the year to continuously build a talent pool. 
  • Contacting the Candidates – A direct and personal message should be good enough to contact the candidates. Sometimes a follow-up may be required. Schedule a phone call with the candidate to confirm his or her interest and availability. This is when the candidate can be asked to take a competency test.
  • Assessing the candidate – Usually, this is where talent sourcing ends. The shortlisted candidates will be passed on to the hiring manager or recruiter.

What are the various talent-sourcing strategies?

  • Creating a candidate persona for an ideal candidate research and collaboration with the hiring team.
  • After successfully creating the ideal candidate persona, source the candidates who match that persona. 
  • Decide on the channel to be used to reach out to the candidates. It can be social media or emails. Use the talent profiles to seek candidates who match the personas.
  • Make sure to sustain the existing candidate database irrespective of whether you are recruiting for a job. It is a crucial talent sourcing strategy as this way, you can be sure that the candidate reaches out when they need a change. change. 
  • It is vital to try out new and innovative sourcing strategies and regularly look for ways to improve the process of talent sourcing. 

Rising preference for outsourced training providers

Many companies are now looking at outsourced training providers. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing training and development.

  • Hiring experts and deploying the technology for in-house training can be expensive for any organization. The objective of an organization is to provide high-quality training to its employees on time and at a low cost. Outsourcing programs provide organizations access to expert trainers as per their requirements.
  • Outsourcing the training allows companies to get the benefits of learning and development partners like quality subject matter experts with a lot of industry experience. All these lead to high-quality training content and increased learner retention. Training partners can even have the resources to deliver training to a remote workforce.
  • Outsourced training providers help an organization concentrate on other important areas and ensure that the training aligns with all the organization’s objectives. 
  • Outsourced training providers can enable organizations to identify the critical learning and development areas that are needed and accordingly create customized training programs that boost the workforce for business goals.
  • A quality training partner will decrease the cost of training delivery, give access to the subject matter experts, and deliver high outcomes while organizations can focus on their goals.


Most recruiters source talent through several sources, like social media channels, websites, and job portals. Each organization has its talent sourcing process to meet its requirements. The best sourcing teams can bring about a pool of qualified potential candidates who will be engaged and interested in joining the organization.

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