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7 Ways To Reuse Your Christmas Tree

Almost a month after the Christmas holidays, have you already removed your decors? It’s fine if you still have a few garlands hanging around. But let’s talk about your Christmas tree. Have you already thrown it away? If it’s still around, you can still reuse and recycle parts of it.

Nowadays, recycling is becoming more popular. It may be because of global warming, or maybe people are just finding eco-friendly options for everything, which is great. And if you’re not yet ready to say goodbye to your Christmas tree, there are many ways to recycle it.


So if you need Christmas tree recycling ideas, don’t hesitate to check the list below!

1. Wood chips and mulch

Do you love gardening? You can put your Christmas tree to good use if you turn it into wood chips and mulch. But before you shred everything, separate the pine needles from the branches and trunk first. If you don’t have the time for that, you can leave the tree outside and wait for the needles to fall. Then, collect the needles and use them as mulch.

As for the branches and trunk, you need to shred them. If you don’t have a shredder, you can rent one. Once you have the wood chips, you can also use them as mulch or for a wood fire.

2. Garden frame

Don’t you have enough space to use the entire tree as mulch? Creating garden frames can also be your next project. If you have some vine plants, they need something to hold onto as they grow. Since you have enough wood, you can make some sticks and transform them into frames.

Meanwhile, if you’re just getting started with your garden, make some smaller sticks. These sticks are used to support growing plants. Sometimes, new branches can be too heavy for a baby plant, so they need something to support them. But if you’re dealing with baby trees, you should ask your local arborist if they need support or not.

Don’t worry, your frames and support sticks don’t have to look boring. You can also get creative and paint them. That way you can also locate them easily when trimming the plants.

Christmas tree

3. Home Decor

If you don’t have a garden, you can also turn your old Christmas tree into home decorations. There are many home decor inspirations to choose from. However, the most popular ones are coasters, tables, and wreaths.

If you don’t want to do much, making coasters are the best option. You’ll just need to remove all the tree branches and use a saw to cut the branches to half an inch per coaster. It’s a great gift, and you can just finish it up with a natural varnish or colourful paint.

Do you want to make a table? You’ll need to form four legs and the top. But it can be a bit more complicated if you haven’t made a table before. As for the wreaths, use the branches and pine needles to make one. It’s a great decoration for the front door.

4. Bird feeder and wildlife shelter

An entire Christmas tree can be a great bird feeder. Just place the tree in your backyard, and decorate it with some goodies. Most birds love stale bread, seeds, and chopped fruits, so just put a sting on them and tie them to the tree.

On the other hand, you can also cut the Christmas tree into pieces, cover them with bird seeds, and hang some in your garden.

If you want to make a wildlife shelter, bundle up pieces of the Christmas tree and stick them in the corner of your garden. After a few days, you’ll notice different organisms living in it, like bugs and mushrooms.

Christmas tree

5. Donate

Are you busy and don’t have time for DIY projects? You can also donate the tree to local councils, scouts, or even the zoo. They have many projects that require the use of wood, like a Christmas tree.

So instead of throwing it away, you can help other people who need it the most. Sometimes, they also roam around after the holiday seasons and ask for used Christmas trees, so you don’t have to go to their offices.

6. Air freshener

Let the scent of Christmas stay in your home by creating air fresheners from pine needles. You can put them in a bowl or small fabric bags. If you have plenty, you can also gift them to your friends and families.

If this is the kind of project you’re interested in, start collecting fabrics, ribbons, and sewing materials. If you’re planning to gift some, you can store them in a tight container to preserve the scent.

Christmas tree

7. Plant it again

Have you asked your arborist about it? If possible, you can still plant your Christmas tree. If you can’t do it, let the arborist do it for you. Who knows, maybe it can still be saved and used for the next Christmas.

You may already know that there are thousands of Christmas trees are thrown away every year. So the best way to reuse it is to plant it again.


Have you already found the right way to reuse your Christmas tree? Let us know which one you choose by leaving a comment below!

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