7 Easy Ways to Stay Safe from Covid-19 Infection

Even after around 3 years of its origin, the Covid-19 pandemic has not come to an end. It is still making a large number of people in Asian and European countries. It means we still need to stay safe for ourselves and the people around us. Apart from basic practices such as wearing facemasks and handwashing, here are some effective ways to stay safe from its infection:

  1. Stay up to date with Covid-19 vaccines 

In the contemporary world, there is no vaccine to provide complete protection from the Covid-19 infection. The vaccines available in or around you can safeguard you for 3-6 months. And after a certain period, you become prone to infection. It does not mean you should not take Covid-19 vaccines. Any vaccine approved by the World Health Organisation or your local government authority can protect you from having a severe infection and a need for hospitalization. You should keep yourself updated on Covid-19 vaccines and take a booster dose when your immunity against coronavirus declines.  

  1. Monitor temperatures at work and public places 

Sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, fever, body pain, etc. are common signs of the disease caused by the coronavirus. At public places (railway stations, bus stops, airports, etc.) and workplaces, there are a large number of people together. Any sick person with signs like fever can make others to have an infection. As a government authority or business owner, you can use a thermal scanner for corona to monitor temperatures and prevent infection. 

  1. Improve ventilation 

In an enclosed space, there is a higher chance of Covid-19 infection. It is as if there is no proper air circulation. To protect yourself and others from Covid-19 infection, you should improve indoor air quality. And for this, you need to allow outside air into the space by keeping the doors/windows open. Further, you can use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air cleaners, turn on exhaust fans and use other fans to enhance airflow in a space with numerous people. 

  1. Get tested for Covid-19 if required 

Getting tested for Covid-19 is an effective method to stop its spread to others. If you suspect or have an exposure to the Covid-19 infected person, you should have an RT PCR test. For a quick result, you can have an antigen test. With this, you can know whether you are infected or not. If infected, you can stay indoors for self-care and increase your protection by strict adherence to the Covid-19 protocol.   

  1. Follow the recommendations on what to do if exposed 

Due to your personal or professional needs, you have to go out. And being outside for a longer time increases your infection chances, especially if you live in a highly infected area. If you think you had an encounter with an infected person, you should keep a close watch on symptoms, take precautions (such as wearing a good facemask), and have a requisite test to detect the infection.

  1. Stay at home if you have an infection 

When you have an infection, you will feel uncomfortable whether you have or do not have visible Covid-19 symptoms. Staying at home helps you accelerate your healing process. While being at home, you should maintain a safe distance from your family members for at least a week. You can start going outside when your test reports show negative. 

  1. Get the requisite treatment

After having a Covid-19 infection, you will notice mild to moderate symptoms like cough & cold, sneezing, runny nose, and body pain. In severe cases, you can have breathing problems and need oxygen support. You must call your health provider or visit a clinic/hospital if you notice your symptoms are getting worse and affecting your life a lot. The doctor there will help you lower the symptoms by providing the best suitable treatment. 


In general, wearing a facemask, cleaning your hands and face, and avoiding crowded areas help you stay safe from Covid-19 infection. If you have an exposure or infection, following the above-mentioned steps can help you recover soon and stay safe.

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