5 Best Places To Visit In Botswana

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In this article read about 5 Best Places To Visit In Botswana. I would never have believed it if someone had told me that Botswana’s incredible wildlife would leave me speechless. In Uganda, I thought I had seen it all, but this southern African nation far surpassed my expectations.

Then again, why would that even surprise anyone? The great wildlife of Botswana has been highlighted on major TV networks like Nat Geo Wild, but let me clarify that it is more impressive in person than on a TV documentary.

Simply picture yourself spending a few days in the wilderness and viewing the “big five” animals. What Botswana has to offer is amazing. Botswana’s wildlife can be found everywhere from the scorching Kalahari Desert to the subdued Okavango Delta, which is why it has become a popular safari destination in Africa.

Along with visiting Chobe National Park, which has the highest concentration of elephants in all of Africa, your Botswana self-drive itinerary should include a number of other destinations.

Here are 5 Best Places To Visit In Botswana

1. Chobe National Park

In Botswana, one of the things to do is to visit the Chobe National Park.

Chobe is Botswana’s most visited national park, which is not surprising given that it offers a chance to see the Big 5. If you didn’t read what I just said, Chobe is home to the largest population of elephants in Africa, with an estimated 12000 of them. That’s impressive, in my opinion.

The main source of water for the park’s animals is the Chobe River, which has had a significant impact on the enormous concentration of animals there. Even though I didn’t see all five of the big cats in Chobe, I was fortunate to see herds of elephants, buffalo, and an adjacent pride of lions.

At one point, a herd of buffalos travelling in the same direction as me literally blocked the road. Overall, one of the best safaris in Botswana is a game safari in Chobe National Park.  If you want to go somewhere right now, remember that the world is changing . So travel the world, book a Botswana trip or to any other country like  South Africa . Live your best life today.

If you’re not on a self-drive safari, you can choose between this guided tour of Chobe National Park and this one for an incredible safari. Check out a few of the narrated tours listed below as well.

2. Moremi Game Reserve

At the Moremi Game Reserve, a lion guards its prey. Moremi National Park may not be as large as Chobe National Park, but it still has a lot of wildlife. Moremi, which is situated on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta, is blessed with papyrus rivers, incredible savannah, and lagoons where wild animals congregate to cool off.

Additionally, the Moremi Game Reserve offers the chance to take Mokoro trips, which offer breathtaking views of aquatic life and a unique way to view wildlife.

Additionally, there is a chance to see the Big 5 animals at Moremi, just like in Chobe. A safari in the Moremi game reserve should be added to the list of things to do in Botswana because it is a great place to see the vast herds of African Elephants, rhinos, lions, and wild dogs that make Moremi their primary hunting grounds.

With over 500 different bird species, including the kingfisher, African fish eagle, green-winged Pytilia, African skimmer, and many others, Moremi is also a great destination for birdwatchers.

But from June to October, hire a tour guide or rent a self-drive 44 to make the most of Moremi.

3. Kharma Rhino Refuge

At the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, a rhinoceros The Karma Rhino Sanctuary should be added to your list of things to do in Botswana if you’re looking for places to go. The Kharma rhino sanctuary, a community-based wildlife initiative, is situated northwest of Serowe and was founded to protect the rhinos that were in danger of going extinct in its early years.

The Rhino Sanctuary, which has an area of roughly 8585 Hectares, offers visitors the chance to see both black and white rhinos as well as other wild animals like zebras, wildebeest, warthogs, giraffes, and many others.

There are more than 230 different bird species, so bird watchers can also enjoy watching birds. The Kharma rhino sanctuary also has a “bird hide,” which offers a chance to observe birds up close as well as a chance to see various bird species in one location.

Additionally, the sanctuary has well-maintained campgrounds with bathrooms and well-appointed chalets, making an overnight stay possible.

4. Nata Bird Refuge

The nata bird sanctuary is a popular tourist destination in Botswana. If you happen to be in Nata, Botswana, the Nata Bird Sanctuary is one of the tourist destinations that is dedicated to bird watching.

The sanctuary, which is part of the Makgadikgadi pan and is located in the Sowa pan, offers stunning views, a stunning landscape, and lush vegetation.

The Nata Bird Sanctuary is home to a large population of Lesser and Greater Flamingos, making it one of the largest breeding grounds in the world. The sanctuary not only has birds for birdwatchers to enjoy, but also other wild animals like the wildebeest, ostrich, jackal, and others.

5. Kubu Island

Kubu Island is among the most picturesque locations in Botswana, so be there if you’re looking for one.

The Kubu island, a dry granite rock island in the Makgadikgadi pan, offers breathtaking views of the salt pan. Due to its natural beauty, it has become a landmark in Botswana and is now protected as a National Monument.

Even though Kubu island is far away and the road there is rough and long, many tourists choose to make the long drive because of the island’s beauty.

Kubu Island, one of the most stunning tourist destinations in Botswana, has a variety of enormous Baobab trees that leave visitors in awe in addition to the panoramic views and lovely sunsets.

If you’re looking for the best Botswana holiday destinations, I hope the above list of the 5 best places to visit in Botswana will guide on where to go.

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