3 Simple Ways to Use the CenturyPromise App

Finally, building a new place, be it a home or office or any other place of your own is no less than an achievement. After all, it requires hard work, investment, and dedication to build a dream place. You will definitely want your dream place to look great as you will be investing so much in it. So, it’s significant to cross-check and confirm before purchasing anything for your space. And plywood is no exception.

Not everyone holds great knowledge about furniture and plywood – their features, costs, and everything. Most people end up going for fake plywood with high prices without knowing about it. Frauds are everywhere! So, it’s necessary to take help from an expert. With the advancement of technology, CenturyPly has come up with its own application called CenturyPromise.

What is the CenturyPromise App?

CenturyPromise application is launched by CenturyPly, which is India’s largest manufacturer that sells plywood, doors, boards, and many more. This application has been released with the goal of ensuring people that their products are 100% authentic and of high quality. With the help of this application, customers can check if the products they have purchased are original or not.

CenturyPromise application can be beneficial not only for customers but also for dealers and retailers.

3 Ways to use the CenturyPromise app

  1. ) Using the CenturyPromise app is very easy.
  • To get started, first download/install the CenturyPromise on your mobile phone.
  • Sign up with your mobile number or email address.

Now that you have downloaded the CenturyPromise application.

  1. Look for the QR code printed on the item you have from CenturyPly.
  2. Now, open the application and scan the QR code and type the unique code given.
  3. If the product is authentic and original, it will show you all the certifications, proofs, and warranty records.
  4. You can also download all the information related to it by using this application.

02.) Another reason to use the CenturyPromise application is to get the E-warranty certificate. It’s really important to check if the product you are purchasing has a warranty period or not. There are so many benefits to having an E-warranty certificate. With an E-warranty card, you can easily check if the product you have purchased has quality assurance.

03.) Third way to use the CenturyPromise application is to get quick product authentication. This step will be easy for those who have no or little knowledge about raw materials. By using this application, you will be able to check the plywood quality check, just in a few minutes. It is also the main reason to install this application as you are getting to know about quality assurance.


What are the advantages of the CenturyPromise app?

The primary motive behind building this application is an advantage in itself. The application is advantageous for customers, retailers, dealers, and manufacturers.

Customers can use this application to know the authenticity of the plywood. At the same time, dealers and retailers can use this application to gain the trust of their customers by being open about the raw materials used to make a final product.

Some other advantages of the CenturyPromise application are as follows:

  1. The application is completely free. Available for both iSO and Android devices.
  2. The application is user-friendly and easy to operate.
  3. The application provides necessary and almost every important proof and information about the product.
  4. The application provides an e-warranty certificate, including stating the terms and conditions of the CenturyPly.
  5. Another great advantage of using CenturyPromise is it gives the option to validate the Commercial Number on the Bureau of Indian Standards. It generally contains all vital details as the original.
  6. You are getting so much information and details without leaving the comfort of your place. What can be more advantageous and relaxing?


Now, you know the CenturyPromise application. It’s your time to install it and check if the products you have purchased are original or not. For more information, visit their official website. Install the CenturyPromise application now!



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